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Restaurant World is a "non-existent" application on Facebook. Non-existent, meaning it doesn't exist, or not yet (as far as I know). So, now you're asking me why in the world will I post something that is titled Restaurant World Cheats if this Restaurant World thing doesn't exist? Why would you cheat on a non-existent game? Well, friends, that's a top secret.

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Facebook is now bombarded with the world of virtual restaurants!

Facebook is now very popular for its virtual farming games. And now it had entered the world of restaurants! Games like Cafe World, Restaurant City and Restaurant Life (maybe the word Restaurant World was a combination of these three games) are now played by hundred thousands, if not millions Facebook users. And like any other game, cheating is very much "accepted".

Many bloggers are earning more because of keywords like Restaurant City Cheats, Cafe World Cheats, and Restaurant Life Cheats. Cheat Engines are becoming very popular, too. Thus, Restaurant World cheats are born.

I guess some of you are wondering why many people are wasting time, and even money, cheating their way up to the next level in these virtual restaurant games. As for my personal experience, leveling up, even with the means of cheats and hacks and stuff is a very cool thing. Your Facebook friends will even ask some tips about how you leveled up fast in this "restaurant world".

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Happy cheating in the world of Facebook Apps! Happy cheating in the Restaurant World!


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