Tiki Farm Cheats, Tips, and Tricks|Facebook Tiki Farm Super Money Cheat

How to cheat your way up to the next Tiki farm level!

Tiki Farm is a new Facebook app where you have a virtual farm, like on Farmville and FarmTown, but the difference in Tiki Farm is it is located on a Tiki Island. Tiki Farm also has coins/money and XP or Experience Points. And like I said on my previous post, Facebook games like Tiki Farm has its own share of cheats. Well, cheating and how good are you in cheating is one of the way to level up fast. You see, when you level up fast by earning super money and experience points (XPs), your Facebook friends will envy you...as in ENVY YOU!!!

Let's go back to our main topic. How to cheat the Super Money in Tiki Farm? This is really simple but first you have to use Firefox and download Cheat Engine v5.5. Yes, you have to download the Cheat Engine 5.5 at your own computer's risk.

After downloading the Cheat Engine, you can now cheat easily on Facebook's Tiki Farm. Let's star by reading this tips/tricks for Tiki Farm Cheats.

Follow this step-by-step guide to cheat Tiki Farm and earn Tiki Coins:

-Open your Firefox browser and go to
-your Facebook account and go to your application in
-Tiki Farm and go to shop and use or buy some Mushroom
-open your cheat engine v5,5 and go to Browser and find FireFox.exe
-and press ok then go to TiKi Farm you can see your coins Copy it
-and paste it the cheat Engine v5.4 Value Bar
-and Click First Scan and Go to Tiki Farm and buy some Flower seeds or Decorations
-then go back to your cheat engine v5.4 you look for the Found Address Bar
-go back to Tiki Farm and your coins has deducted when you buy some seeds
-Copy again your money and click new Scan and
-Under the Found bar Click the last address and you can see the
-the small box just click it. go back again in the Tiki Farm and click the screen
-buy some Seed again or trees, now you can see your coins has Change.

Now that you have cheated and have a lot of Tiki Coins in Tiki Farm, you can buy your way to Tiki Stardom and level up!


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