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Played RC lately? Well, these past weeks, I haven't. My old, unreliable PC couldn't seem to load it no matter what force I use. I guess I'm still in the low level 7 and my dishes are just in level 2 at most. And because I didn't give so much attention to my Restaurant City, I never had any interest to use some Restaurant City cheats like Rubbish Cheat, Supersonic Eat, Customer Flow Cheat and Money and Gourmet Points cheat. I learned that all these Restaurant City cheats can be obtained using a single tool. You just have to download Restaurant City Tool 4.4! Restaurant City Tools 4.4 is a cheat generator that was developed by cK, and I'm sure it's not your Calvin Klein cK!

This marvelous Restaurant City Tools 4.4 comes with the Customer Flow cheat and the not-so-advisable-to-download Supersonic Eat cheat (it was said to cause browser crash). Sorry guys, but if you want to download Restaurant City Tools 4.4, you have to look somewhere else because I don't have the link. It will be very easy though, just google the word "download Restaurant City Tools 4.4" or "RC tools 4.4 download" or something like that. Just make sure that you have it downloaded from a SAFE source, or better yet, scan it for viruses after downloading! HAPPY RC-ing! lol.



  1. nalagay na kita sa blogroll ko. add mo ko sa facebook,, thanks! may resto city rin ako, di ko na lang ganu nalalaro. :)

  2. Thanks. Will add you on Facebook!


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