Fishville Cheats, Tips, and Tricks|Fishville Strategy Guide

These Fishville cheats, tips, and tricks are for players of the new Facebook App, Fishville. When using cheats, tips, or tricks, you must know the pros and cons of these things. One must cheat at one's own risk.
Obviously, the name Fishville has something to do about fishes. It is basically like Farmville, but with Fishville, you got a fish tank instead of farm and you get to grow fish from eggs and then sell them. Fishville also revolves on things like Fishville Coins, Fishville Experience Points (EXP) and Fishville friends or neighbors will be a real help, too!

Here are some FAQs about Fishville Cheats, Tricks or Tips:

How can I earn Fishville coins or money?
This is not really a cheat. You earn Fishville coins by selling fully-grown fishes. Helping neighbors, cleaning tanks and decorating also give you extra Fishville money.

How can I earn Experience Points in Fishville?
Earning EXP or Experience points in Fishville is easy, and again, this is not a cheat. You can earn EXP by raising more fish and selling them, clean your own tank, decorating, helping neighbors clean their tanks, and visiting Fishville neighbors.

How can I level up fast in Fishville?
When you earn EXP or experience points, the points will accumulate and will reach the desired amount for a specific level. So, in order to level up fast in Fishville, you don't need to cheat. You just have to grow fish and sell them, and do what it takes to earn more experience points. Just repeat all these and you'll see that you'll level up fast!

See, you don't have to actually cheat on Fishville. But, I'm sure, the time will come when there are Fishville Cheats that will be available for us. And I'll make sure that I share those Fishville Cheats, Tips and Tricks with you! Enjoy fishing!


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