Graco Stroller Recall|Recalled Stroller Model Numbers

U.S. CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) recalled some models of Graco Strollers. Graco is one of the leading baby/children product manufacturers in the world, especially the US. January 20, 2010, CPSC released a recall order for Graco products namely Graco’s Passage™, Alano™ and Spree™ Strollers and Travel Systems.

Listed below are the model numbers of Graco Strollers that were recalled:

Model Numbers
6303MYC, 6303MYC3, 6320IVY, 6320LAU, 6330CAP, 6330THR,


7240DNB, 7240DNB2, 7240MKL2, 7240MKL3,7240MKL2, 7240MKL3, 7F02GLM3

7241DDH2, 7241DHO3, 7F04TAY3,7255CLP, 7255CLP2,7255CRA2, 7255CRA3,

7255CSA3, 7255GPK3,7255GRN, 7255GRN2,7255WLO2, 7255WLO3,7F07EMA3

7255JJB3, 7255ORC2,7256CLO2, 7256SPM2,7256SPM3,7F08DSW3, 7F08LAN3

7260BAN, 7260BAN2,7260MRA3, 7260PKR,7260PKR2, 7G00DLS3, 7G00DLS4

7260BAN3, 7260MRA2,7270BIA, 7270BIA2,7G01CRL3,7235GGA, 7235GGA2,

7E01JON2, 7E01JON3,7G04KRA3,7G07ABB3, 7G07BAT3,7F01FOR3

7236CDR2,7F00LPE3, 7F00RSH3,7G05GPR3, 7G06WSR3

7237HOL2, 7237HOL3

Check your Graco Stroller model number if it is included on the recall list.
Be safe!


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