Shorter Trip From Manila to Bataan With SuperCat Ferries

Enjoy 1st class service while traveling Manila to Bataan (or vice versa) by sea. With SuperCat's High Speed Catamarans or HSC, you can visit Bataan or go to SM Mall of Asia in just an hour. Ferry trips from Orion, Bataan to SM MOA Jetty Port and vice versa will start on April 1, 2010. 

SuperCat High Speed Catamaran source

SuperCat HSC MOA-Orion routes fare starts from P150 (children) to P300 (adults). Special discounts apply to students and senior citizens. But wait, there's more! =) SuperCat Ferries offer a 50% discount on your return trip! So, what are you waiting for? Book for a  SuperCat Manila-Bataan ferry ride now and enjoy a safe and first class travel. Ferries are fully-airconditioned and have canteens/mini bars (as if you're gonna starve through an hour-long travel).

SuperCat is the sister company of SuperFerry and Cebu Ferries. For schedules, inquiries and bookings, you may call +63933-5414942 and +6332-233-7000. Or visit


Ayos Ka by Brillante Mendoza (Video)

A short film by Brillante Mendoza titled "Ayos Ka", which is included in ANC's Ambisyon 2010 presentation, was given an X-rating by the MTRCB because the short film was said to be "defamatory to the country". Yesterday, MTRCB lowered Ayos Ka's X-Rating to Restricted or "R". With the R rating, the film still cannot be aired on TV. Brillante Mendoza's Ayos Ka, along with another X-Rated documentary by Jeffrey Jeturian "Ganito Tayo Ngayon, Paano Na Tayo Bukas?" and 18 others, will be shown at the CCP on April 6.

Watch Brillante Mendoza's "Ayos KA" teaser trailer:


FREE Globe Tattoo Browsing| How to Browse With Globe Tattoo for Free

I believe that it is bad to cheat an Internet provider service in able to use it for free, but I will share to you a trick so you can use your Globe tattoo kit for free. Who wouldn't want to browse free sites for free using your Globe Tattoo USB? A friend actually did this trick, and you know what? Na-karma agad, three days from the day of hacking to be exact. Tsk, tsk. Her Facebook account was hacked. Hmmm, but that's another story. You insist for a tip, I'll give it to you. Let's tweak Globe Tattoo and browse for free. But, please, remember, cheat at your own risk. Your Globe Huawei USB could be destroyed because of this.

How To Browse Globe Tattoo For Free:

  1. Insert you Globe Tattoo to your PC / Laptop and let the Globe Tattoo Interface initiate. Once initiated, make sure that your Globe Tattoo is not connected yet, and then go to Tools then choose Options.
  2. On the Options window, choose Profile Management and choose “New”.
  3. Under the Profile Name, you can choose any kind of name you want for that connection.
  4. Under the APN box, choose the Static Option and enter on the APN Field
  5. Under the Authentication Box put *99***1# on the access number box. No need to type anything on the username and password fields.
  6. Click the advanced button and change the DNS Settings to “static” type your preferred DNS in the fields.
  7. Click Ok and then click Save on the right panel. Also don’t forget to set it as default. Once you go back to the Globe Tattoo interface, the new Globe Tattoo Network Profile would now be available on the dropdown menu.
  8. Choose the profile name you created everytime you connect your Globe Tattoo to the internet to avail free globe tattoo browsing.

I hope this works (and at the same time, I hope it doesn't). LOL. Really, it is better to pay for what you use rather than use it free without permission, no? Globe Tattoo can be loaded through your regular loading stations, and it's only 20/hour, 50 a day, so why not just pay for it?  If you don't want to spend money, why not read a book, or watch TV, they are relatively free.

Aside from, this post about Free Globe Tattoo Browsing, you can also check out related posts about Globe. Please feel free to browse this blog.


ABS-CBN Summer 2010 Station ID on ASAP XV

Watch out for the new station ID of ABS-CBN this coming Sunday, March 21. ASAP XV will be having a live show straight from Boracay! They will be launching the new ABS-CBN Summer 2010 station ID featuring the song "Summer Ang Simula" sung by Pinoy Dream Academy Grand Star Dreamer Yeng Constantino and Kean Cipriano of the rock band Callalily.


Stay tuned for the ABS-CBN 'Summer Ang Simula' Summer 2010 Station ID video.


Melai and Pokwang Showdown on Wowowee

Have you seen Melai and Pokwang's showdown on Wowowee today, March 20? Melai or Melissa Cantiveros, or Isay to her sweetie pie Jason Francisco, had an opening number a while ago with Pokwang. They did a Lady Gaga-inspired number.

will they soon be the "dynamic duo"?

Anyone who has the video of Melai-Pokwang Wowowee showdown? Please upload it soon! Share it with us! Can't wait for it.


Angelica and Derek Photo Scandal

Exposed! Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsay's private photo!!! Dubbed as the Dukot scandal, this photo was (said to be) taken two years ago by a close friend of Derek's. The photo shows Angelica "grabbing" Derek inside his board shorts.

Photoshopped or not? You tell.

Statements of Angelica and Derek regarding the photo will be posted.


Use GCash on Facebook Games

My friends used to bug me for Paypal credits. They said they want something from Farmville that, Cafe World this, Restaurant City this, Barn Buddy that, and they needed a Paypal account to purchase all of these! On March 26, 2010, my friends can buy all the Farmville cash they want, design their Cafe World with that little fountain that can only be bought by Cafe World Cash (not coins!) or top up your Poker chips just by using GCash! GCash is a mobile payment and remittance system from Globe.  GCash is very popular with online sellers, and in less than 2 weeks, GCash will also be very popular with Facebook gamers!

Globe announced earlier that they secured their partnership with Boku, Inc., a global company that specializes in mobile payments, and this partnership will give users the option to pay their Facebook thing-a-ma-jigs. The GCash payment option will support Zynga and Playfish Games. Mafia Wars, Farmville, Roller Coaster Kingdom, FishVille, Poker and Cafe World are some of the popular Zynga games. Restaurant City and Pet Society are under Playfish games.

GCash on Facebook is a great alternative to Paypal and credit card payments.

Stay tuned for updates on GCash on Facebook How-To's, GCash registration and other GCash related topics.


Twilight: The Graphic Novel Now Available at National Bookstore

Last January, I posted a blog about the making of Twilight graphic novel. You can read the love story of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan comic book style. Yesterday, March 16, it was released. Twilight: The Graphic Novel Volume 1 by Stephenie Meyer and Young Kim is available now at selected National Bookstore branches. The Philippine's largest bookstore chain is selling the comic book for P895.


Measles (Tigdas) Symptoms

Due to the Measles or Tigdas outbreak, I decided to post this article about Tigdas symptoms.

Consult your doctor when you have one or more of the following Tigdas symptoms:
  • Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Runny nose
  • Inflamed eyes (conjunctivitis)
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Tiny white spots with bluish-white centers found inside the mouth on the inner lining of the cheek, called Koplik's spots
  • A skin rash made up of large, flat blotches that often flow into one another.
measles spots

Measles (tigdas) is a virus that usually activates after 10-12 days after exposure.

Mayo Clinic


Powerbooks' What's On Your Summer Reading List Promo

Who wouldn't want 5 FREE books from Powerbooks? Of course we all want to have up to P5,000 worth of books from our favorite specialty bookstore! But how can we have the goodies? Simple. Just be a fan of Powerbooks on Facebook and create an artwork featuring the 5 books you want to win for free. Promo period is from March 15 to April 6, 2010.

Criteria of judging:
  • 40%: number of "likes" votes from the fan page
  • 40%: overall appeal of submitted artwork (from judges' votes)
  • 20%: write-up about the summer wish list 
Voting period for fans is from April 8 to 14, 2010. Winners will be announced on Powerbooks' Facebook page on April 19, 2010.

For the full contest mechanics of  the Powerbooks What's On Your Summer Reading List Promo, click here.


Sam and Anne Movie 'Babe, I Love You' Trailer

'Babe, I Love You' is the latest movie offering of Star Cinema. Starring on-and-off lovers Anne Curtis and Sam Milby, 'Babe, I Love You' will be shown on April 3, 2010. 'Babe I Love You' is about a story of a teacher, played by Sam, who met the beautiful model/promo girl, played by Anne, through an accident. They eventually fell with each other. 'Babe, I Love You ' is directed by Mae Czarina.

Watch the official Star Cinema trailer of Babe, I Love You:


What to do with your hay bales on Farmville|Farmville Hay Bale

I guess everybody knows by now what Farmville is. Okay, let's pretend that you do not know. FarmVille is a Facebook application where you play farmer, you plow, plant, harvest, build, etc., etc. You can also give gifts such as chickens, ducks, goat, sheep, fence, hay bale. Yes, hay bale.

example of a FarmVille layout using hay bales

A hay bale is a stack of hay, which is tied in a bale, thus, it is simply a bundle of hay. A hay bale is very popular with FarmVille players. You can use hay bales on Farmville in every way imaginable. You can use hay bales as fences. You can stack hay bales (or make them look stacked, rather) and have a new farm construction.

How can you get a hay bale?
You can purchase a hay bale from FarmVille market OR you can get a hay bale as a gift from your FarmVille neighbor. Most players are just asking their Farmville friends to give them hay bales as a gift.

How can you stack hay bales?
Hay bales cannot be stacked. Though, you can make it look like they're stacked. There are tutorial videos showing how to do such thing.

If you have other questions regarding the very popular (lol) FarmVille hay bales, just drop a question at the chatbox or comment form.


Selecta Ice Cream Bar SM MOA Grand Opening Weekend

The heat is on! Summer is here (well, not just your plain ol' summer, actually, there's also an El Nino Phenomenon). Want something to cool you down this summer? Go to the Selecta Ice Cream Bar at SM Mall of Asia!
want a cone? go to the new Selecta Ice Cream Bar!

March 13 and 14 is the Grand Opening Weekend of Selecta Ice Cream Bar SM MOA branch. And they are giving away FREE ice cream treats for the first 1000 customers. PLUS Buy 1 Take 1 for everyone else.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some ice cream treat now, and make your summer a cool and refreshing one!


New Moon Kiosks Debut at Walmart Stores!

Vampire girls. Wolf girls. All Twitards out there. Attention! Walmart Stores will be debuting New Moon mini stores on March 10! New Moon Kiosks will be found on 3,500 participating Walmart stores all over the US. Walmart stated that the first 100 in line in every store on the opening day (March 10) will receive a New Moon gift pack containing stickers, temporary tattoos and more! The Walmart New Moon Kiosks will also be having a release party for New Moon DVD on March 20! For more info and for list of participating Walmart branch, visit Eclipse Movie Soundtrack.


Philippine Summer Camps/ Activities for Kids 2010|Part 1

School year will end soon, summer break is here and the kids will have nothing to do but get bored OR spend their summer in front of the computer. Have your kids jumping up and down even on summer!

Give them something more productive to do than play computer games or tend their "farms" online. Attending summer camps is a good way to spend summer. You can also send your kids to acting or dance workshops, cooking classes, pop singing school, sports clinic and more! Here are some summer activities for the kids this 2010.

List of Summer Camps, Workshops, and Classes for 2010:

Danjugan Youth Marine and Wildlife Camp- to be held from April 13 to 17, 2010, this summer camp will teach kids how to love nature. The camp will educate young people on marine and wildlife conservation through lectures and interactive exercises. Danjugan Island is located in Brgy. Bulata, Cauayan, Negros Occidental. Open to kids aged 13-17.
For more info, contact:
Jay Jalandoni: 09173000529,
Gerry Ledesma: 09189008113,
Nikki Cajili:
Ramie Babac: 09092073865,

Kids Ahoy Superrrr Summer 2010- Have a Superrrr Sizzling Summer this 2010 with your beloved teachers from Kids Ahoy Kids' Camp! Kids Ahoy Summer Camp will have variety of activities for ages 2 and up! The programs include Play, School Readiness, The Arts, Math, Science and Technology, Nature and Outdoors and more!
Superrrr Summer Workshop 2010 will begin on April 12, 2010. For more info, please visit their website on

San Miguel Kid's Kitchen Camp 2010- For boys and girls aged 6-11 who love to cook and bake!
Manila- April 21-23 (1st batch) and April 28-30 (2nd batch); Davao- April 22-23; Cebu- April 27-29; Pampanga- May 4-6. Kid's Kitchen Camp (KKC) Fee: P3,000 inclusive of apron, ingredients and cookbook. Reserve now, 30 slots per batch only! Visit their website for more details.

Milo Taekwondo Clinic- accredited by Philippine Taekwondo Association, Milo never fails to have its yearly sports clinic. For more info about Milo Taekwondo lessons, visit their website here.

Watch out for the part 2 of  Philippine Summer Camps/ Activities for Kids 2010.


Super Junior Super Show 2 Live in Manila!

K-Pop fans will surely be glad this coming April 10, 2010! Super Junior, a famous Korean Pop group, will have their Super Show 2 live at the Araneta Coliseum. Super Junior a.k.a. SuJu, is composed of 13 unbelievably cute and talented Korean boys who made Rokkugu and Don't Don major worldwide hits.

Limited tickets will be available for sale. Some sections will be available exclusively and by reservations only. To know more about the tickets, please email

Ticket Prices:
General Admission- P1060
Upper Box B (reserved seating)- P4760
Upper Box A (reserved seating)- P6870
Lower Box (reserved seating)- P7920
Super VIP Standing- P7920

See you there at the Super Junior Super Show 2 Live in Manila! Please visit TicketNet for the seatplan for and additional details.


Juan Dela Cruz Band The Reunion Concert

Relive the real rock 'n roll with Mike Hanopol, Pepe Smith, and Wally Gonzales with special guest Lolita Carbon. Juan Dela Cruz Band The Reunion Concert 2010!

Watch them live onstage March 21, 2010, a Sunday at 8PM at the Metro Bar. Ticket price is P1000.


Why Did Ruffa Gutierrez Walked Out From The Buzz Set?

So, this is why Ruffa Gutierrez walked out from the set, and didn't come back later after the commercial break. She was totally fed up by Kris Aquino's being tactless (love Kris still!) about her transfer to TV5. Watch the video below:

Of course, Annabelle Rama reacted rather violently about this. You can watch Rama's reaction about Ruffa's walk-out here. Thanks to


Congratulations YoYo Tricker!!!

Congratulations to YoYo Tricker Joshua Davis for bagging the First Ultimate Talentadong Pinoy title!

Joshua, a 14 year old kid whose talent is yoyo tricks, toppled all his 7 opponents on last night's Talentadong Pinoy Battle of the Champions. Again, congratulations to Joshua. Keep up the good work!


The Bomb Explodes at Showtime!

Dance group from Orani, Bataan shows people how to win just for having fun

I don't know if I should be proud with this group or what, with them being my kababayan and all. lol. If you are a fan of ABS-CBN's Showtime, you definitely know what I'm talking about. The Bomb is a "dance group" (I placed quotation marks because I'm not quite sure if you call it dancing) from my hometown Orani, Bataan. The Bomb bagged Showtime's weekly champion title last February 26. They have said during interviews that the dance group had rehearsals of 1 to 3 hours only. As a matter of fact, I believe it, for they really dance like they didn't rehearse at all. But still, they're fun to watch. Fun. And funny. Amusing and irritating at the same time and the judges obviously liked what they did. They made it to the weekly finals and have had the opportunity to join the monthly finals! Thank goodness hindi sila ang naging monthly champion. Sobra-sobra na yun! :) Watch Showtime's February 23 episode with The Bomb!

I heard that The Bomb will be guesting on ASAP XV this coming Sunday, March 7. Hmmm, sikat! Watch out for it!


Mich Dulce bags Int'l Fashion Award in London

Designer Mich Dulce (yes, the same Mich Dulce of PBB Celebrity Edition) bags the International Young Fashion Entrepreneur Award in London.

Mich Dulce’s winning proposal is set out to connect British designers with Philippine textile manufacturers to develop new materials and hat designs.

“It's amazing to be recognized for what you do and it's even more amazing to be recognized for a concept, project that would help your country,” Dulce said.

Her winning pieces include hats made of material like abaca and sinamay which made her creations stand out, hence she ended up as the winner.

“This award is for us. It's not just for me. When I was chosen for this competition, I knew I wanted to do something that would not just benefit me. I wanted to come up with something that is sustainable and not just help myself but help other people as well, increase their business, to create new things, improve technology,” said Dulce.

Mich receives 5,000 pounds along with the award to develop a collaborative project with the British Council.

Congratulations Mich! You made us very proud!


How To Spot A Fake Perfume

Fake perfumes are lurking all over the market nowadays, especially through online sellers/shops. My recent online shopping experience proved just this. I purchased bottle of Eau de Parfum from, a 3.4 fluid oz- Vera Wang to be exact. I don't know why I was that stupid that day to bite into the bait of a $57.61 perfume (and a free international shipping fee), when I should have known that it was too good to be true. You know the story, what I got is a fake. A knock-off. A counterfeit. Bye-bye $57.61 (that's 2,719.85 in Philippine Peso!). So how do you know if a perfume is fake? Harper's Bazaar tackle this on their January issue.

How To Spot A Fake Perfume:
  1. If the liquid looks too pale, it could be an alcohol-laden imitation. If it's too dark, it could consist of impure or fake ingredients. -The fake Vera Wang that I had was a little darker and rosier (and it's not even Vera Wang Truly Pink!) than the original. Plus, it smells too strong and not very Vera Wang.
  2. If the label is smudged, poorly printed, or misspelled, it's not original. If the bar code or an identifying mark looks sketchy, it could be a phony. -I noticed this on the box, the letters (at the back) are blurred, looks like the printer they used is also a fake. lol.
  3. Designer perfumes are sold at department stores, beauty specialty stores such as Sephora, and sometimes high-end boutique pharmacies and apothecaries. Real fragrances are not sold on tables in tourist hot spots or at flea markets, supermarkets, discount stores, or out of the back of a truck.-Don't end up being a "me", purchasing online from a warehouse in Long Island, NY.
  4. The cellophane must be wrapped closely around the box. Most knock-offs don't have the cellophane so tightly wrapped. If the cellophane is messy or moving around the box or is loose, that's a sure sign the perfume's a fake. - I knew it when I saw the plastic wrapper. The box was wrapped like a gift! 
  5. If it looks too good to be true, don't bite it. If an expensive designer fragrance seems too cheap, it's likely a fake. -Very well said!

So, folks, next time you're gonna buy some perfume, make sure it's not fake. And how can you be so sure? Just follow the instructions above and you will never end up like me.


Talentadong Pinoy Battle of the Champions

      Talentadong Pinoy is one of the many Philippine talent shows. Like I've said from one of my posts, Talentadong Pinoy premiered the talent show craze in the Philippines. On Saturday, March 6, Talentadong Pinoy will have its first ever "Battle of the Champions".

         The "Champions" are the show's Hall of Famers. There are 7 Hall of Famers, but Talentadong Pinoy picked a "Wild Card" last Saturday. So, all in all, there will be 8 contenders: The Tribal Dancers, Far East Acrobatic Gutierrez Family, Wan Lu the Puppeteer, Joshua Yoyo Tricker, singer Leah Patricio, Omar the Ladder Balancer, Ferdinand Clemente a.k.a. Makatatawanan PLUS the wild card pick, Jacqueline.

Talentadong Pinoy Battle of the Champions will take place on March 6, at the Cuneta Astrodome. Live telecast on TV5. Talentadong Pinoy is hosted by Ryan Agoncillo. Tickets info will be posted soon.



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