Mayen Austria: James Yap's Rumored Girlfriend

Mayen Austria has no Facebook account, not under the name Mayen Austria, at least. Kris Aquino fans were very much intrigued by this girl, Mayen Austria, because she is James Yap's NEW rumored girlfriend.

Some info about Mayen Austria (Guys, this is not really her biography and still, no photos found):

Mayen Austria is a 35-year old lady from Valle Verde, Quezon City.

Mayen is a TJ Hotdogs "FAN"

Ms. Austria is single (at 35?)

Mayen Austria knows James Yap's number (I wonder how many TJ Hotdog "fans" calling or texting James)

Mayen Austria admitted of having chemical depression and could easily take an overdose of pills

More on Mayen Austria, Kris Aquino and James Yap issue here and here.

(No photos)



  1. sino kaya etong mayen austria na toh... maganda ba toh? hehe

  2. ei, Don...long time no read.haha. Can't find pics of Mayen Austria, kaya di ko rin sure...pero I bet maganda, pwede ba naman kay James yung hindi? :D


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