Haiti's Deal With The Devil To Be Blamed???

'The earthquake was a result of Haiti's deal with the devil'. That was what The 700 Club televangelist Pat Robertson said. Robertson said that the devastating earthquake in Haiti was brought by the devil, with which Haitians made a pact or a deal not so long ago, when they (Haitians) wished that they be freed from the French rule.

What can I say about Pat Robertson? He is the most insensitive evangelist I ever know and I know a lot of insensitive and discriminating people, but Pat Robertson was really something!

Remember his blatant comments about homosexuality and abortion, and about the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez?

Natural calamities like this must not rake religious criticisms, what we should do is support Haiti and do what we can to reach out and help.

Stop this B.S. about Haiti's deal with the devil.


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