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Are you looking for a Krista Ranillo Video? here are so many videos with Krista Ranillo all over the web. There are the videos of trailers from Krista Ranillo's movies, alleged videos of her and Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, the video of Mocha Uson with Krista, which was not released for public viewing because of the lack of Krista Ranillo's consent. Now what exactly is the Krista Ranillo video hat you are looking for?

Before we view the videos of Krista, let's get his straight. You are suddenly interested with Krista Ranillo videos because of the alleged Krista-PacMan affair, aren't you? It's not really surprising, you know, o find out that people were suddenly aware of Krista. AT LAST, we are aware of her. Because from my point of view, Krista spent almost all her life being an actress, but she never made it to stardom.

Now, do you think these most-wanted Krista Ranillo videos will be her road to stardom? I don't think so.

Before I forgot, here is the Krista Ranillo video hat I promised. Hope you won't get disappointed.

It's a TV Ad for Bench way back when Krista Ranillo videos were still this wholesome!


Vatican: New Moon a Moral Vacuum...And What's Moral Vacuum Again?

Monsignor Franco Perazzolo of Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture recently stated that Twilight Saga: New Moon is "a moral vacuum more dangerous than its deviant message."

Now it left me thinking...what actually, is Moral Vacuum? I know people will raise an eyebrow (some with two) if they hear me asking this question. And maybe, they'll blurt out" Is she serious? She really don't know what exactly is he meaning of moral vacuum???

Okay, okay, of course, I know. But for the sake of others, especially the hurt Twilight fans, or Twitards, out there. I will state the definition of moral vacuum.

Well, Twitards, I hate to say this, because I'm one of you. But, for this blog's benefit, Moral vacuum simply means lacking moral or message, or lesson.

All in all, the Vatican stated that our much awaited New Moon lacks moral message.

That's it. I don't want to say anything about the Vatican saying that thing. They might tag me as a "moral vacuum" as well.


Fishville Cheats, Tips, and Tricks|Fishville Strategy Guide

These Fishville cheats, tips, and tricks are for players of the new Facebook App, Fishville. When using cheats, tips, or tricks, you must know the pros and cons of these things. One must cheat at one's own risk.
Obviously, the name Fishville has something to do about fishes. It is basically like Farmville, but with Fishville, you got a fish tank instead of farm and you get to grow fish from eggs and then sell them. Fishville also revolves on things like Fishville Coins, Fishville Experience Points (EXP) and Fishville friends or neighbors will be a real help, too!

Here are some FAQs about Fishville Cheats, Tricks or Tips:

How can I earn Fishville coins or money?
This is not really a cheat. You earn Fishville coins by selling fully-grown fishes. Helping neighbors, cleaning tanks and decorating also give you extra Fishville money.

How can I earn Experience Points in Fishville?
Earning EXP or Experience points in Fishville is easy, and again, this is not a cheat. You can earn EXP by raising more fish and selling them, clean your own tank, decorating, helping neighbors clean their tanks, and visiting Fishville neighbors.

How can I level up fast in Fishville?
When you earn EXP or experience points, the points will accumulate and will reach the desired amount for a specific level. So, in order to level up fast in Fishville, you don't need to cheat. You just have to grow fish and sell them, and do what it takes to earn more experience points. Just repeat all these and you'll see that you'll level up fast!

See, you don't have to actually cheat on Fishville. But, I'm sure, the time will come when there are Fishville Cheats that will be available for us. And I'll make sure that I share those Fishville Cheats, Tips and Tricks with you! Enjoy fishing!


Assassin's Creed 2 Glyphs Answers Video #3

3/10 Assassin's Creed 2 Glyphs Answers Video

Assassin's Creed II is an action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft. It is the sequel of the first Assassin's Creed, the game that makes use of a plot device involving a machine named the "Animus".
Assassin's Creed II Glyphs Answers Video No.#3:


Assassin's Creed 2 Glyphs Answers Video #2

2/10 Assassin's Creed 2 Glyphs Answers Video

Assassin's Creed II is an action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft. It is the sequel of the first Assassin's Creed, the game that makes use of a plot device involving a machine named the "Animus".

Here is the Video #2 of Assassin's Creed II Glyphs Answers:


Assassin's Creed 2 Glyphs Answers

Assassin's Creed 2 Glyphs Answers Video #1

Assassin's Creed II is an action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft. It is the sequel of the first Assassin's Creed, the game that makes use of a plot device involving a machine named the "Animus".

There are 10 videos of Assassin's Creed 2 Glyphs Answers I found on Youtube. Here is the first Assassin's Creed 2 Glyphs Answer video:


Make Money Online With Paypal WishList!

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So what are you waiting for? Create your PayPal WishList now, and watch your Paypal credits grow to up to $100!

Promo period is 00:00:01 Singapore Standard Time (“SST”) on November 16th, 2009 and ends at 23:59:59 SST on December 31st, 2009.


Oso Booko Not: It's Osso Bucco!

I really laughed out loud after learning that instead of Osso Bucco, some peeps actually Google Oso Booko! Well, I guess they meant the same thing as the Osso Bucco but this is how you spell it, O-S-S-O B-U-C-C-O. Oso Booko or Osso Bucco, I'm sure it's one delicious dish!

The literal meaning of it is "hole bone" (osso 'bone', buco 'hole'). Osso Bucco is actually a Milanese Braised Veal Shank. It is usually cooked with gremolata, a mix of parsley, garlic and lemon peel, and served with risotto alla milanese, a risotto enhanced with saffron threads.

Oso booko or Osso Bucco? It's up to you!


Robert Pattinson on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

November 20 is the date for Robert Pattinson fans like me. Well, it is the release date of Twilight Saga: New Moon movie and Rob guests on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

Robert Pattinson on Ellen ImageRobert Pattinson (Edward Cullen, The Twilight Saga), talks about a fan who was willing to strip for him just to get his attention! In this November 20 episode, Robward also discusses with Ellen, his plans about looking for a "secret house".

Watch out for this episode of Ellen on November 20. You can also bookmark this page as I will upload the full video of Robert Pattinson's interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show here.


Palazzo Dei Priori (The Clock Tower)|Photo: New Moon Fever 2

Palazzo dei Priori or The Clock Tower is very popular with Twilight Saga: New Moon fans. The place is where Edward Cullen planned to expose himself under the sun. Palazzo dei Priori is located in Piazza dei Priori, 20 56048 Volterra (Toscana), Italy. (Actual Address according to Google Maps)

Palazzo dei Priori is a tourist spot in Volterra, Italy, the city where the fictional Volturi Coven resides.

There are two Palazzo dei Priori in Italy, one in Perugia and the other in Volterra.

Look at the photos of the Palazzo dei Priori below:
the clock tower new moon photoPalazzo dei Priori, Volterra, Italy

palazzo dei priori map image Palazzo dei Priori Map by Google Maps


St. Marcus Day| Marcus of Volturi: New Moon Fever 1

St. Marcus Day is a fictional holiday from the book New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. It was created to emphasize Marcus of the Volturi as a vampire who was thought to be a priest who drove vampires away from Volterra. St. Marcus Day is supposed to be celebrated every March 19th in Volterra, Italy.

St. Marcus of Volterra imageMarcus of the Volturi

Marcus of Volturi has a wife, Didyme, who is Aro's sister. He has the power to sense relationships, and tell how weak or strong that relationship was. In the book, New Moon, he sensed a strong relationship between Bella and Edward, and maybe between Bella and Alice, too.

Canadian actor Christopher Heyerdahl will play Marcus of Volturi in the movie New Moon.


b00sted 4fun| 4 the Fun of Getting b00sted???

When the term b00sted 4fun appeared 40th on Google Trends, I can't help but ask Google what do b00sted 4fun meant. Of course, it is read as boosted for fun, but it seems like it is a company or something like that. Searches also reflect that it is a Russian Repository. Now, what on earth is a repository?

I checked if there's a site called and it does exist, but containing only a page full of advertisements.

Another question related to this word is "b00sted 4fun Russian repo was hosted by what company?" An answer from said "Dreamhost", so I guess they were really talking about websites.


The Meadow by Alexandre Desplat Lyrics|MP3 Download|Listen for free

The Meadow by Alexander Desplat is one of the few tracks of New Moon Soundtrack. I never heard this song with lyrics, so I really don't know if it is just an instrumental or do really have words. But, after further researching, I found a probable lyrics for The Meadow. I said probable, because I am not really sure whether these are the real lyrics or not. Just got on

The Meadow Lyrics was something like this:

Sweep this pain you left me gravely still I'm screaming out your name see me fall this forsaken love erase my fears I'm living a life alone escape the rain come to me, cradle me, yell for me can you hear my cries escape the rain how do I escape...the rain keep me alive revive my love I need you,whispering my name break down this wall glad my day help me breathe don't give up on me love escape the rain run to me ,cradle me,yell for me can you hear my cries escape the rain how do I escape ...the rain can you heal this wound from bleeding inside inside x 3 escape the rain run to me,cradle me,yell for me can you hear my cries escape the rain how do I escape the rain?

For me, even if The Meadow has no lyrics, it is such a very lovely tune. Listen a part of it here, or you may also download it in MP3 format in the indicated site on the video.

The Meadow by Alexander Desplat lyrics and MP3


Mafia Wars Money Laundering Collection|What's With The Dirty Bra?

There's a new addition to Mafia Wars Collection as of November 13, 2009!

Here's the new Mafia Wars Money Laundering Collection!

I was very surprised to find a term (Mafia Wars Dirty Bra) on Google trends today, and after some research, I found out that The Dirty Bra was included in The Money Laundering Collection along with Money Iron, Dirty Laundry, Dryer Sheets, Money Line, Roll of Quarters, Death by Detergent, and Money Sock.

Mafia Wars is a Facebook App that won the 2nd place for Facebook's Top Games, which was beaten by Farmville for the 1st place.

Mafia Wars enthusiasts think that this new collection, The Money Laundering Collection, that is, is with connection to the news seen on the Mafia Wars Forum: "Finish New York with a week of DOUBLE mastery and DOUBLE loot. Starting Sunday (November 15, 2009)." Hmmm...I wonder what a Double Loot is.

Remember, to complete the Money Laundering Collection, you must complete these 8 items:
  1. Money Iron
  2. Dirty Laundry
  3. Dryer Sheets
  4. Money Line
  5. Roll of Quarters
  6. Death by Detergent
  7. Dirty Bra
  8. Money Sock

Good luck and enjoy looking for those dirty things!


SNL Twilight Parody Video| Taylor Swift Featured in 'Firelight'

I love all things Twilight! But after watching this Twilight Parody in SNL, I am now in doubt...just kidding! This Twilight Parody, dubbed as "Firelight" was so hilarious! And take note, this Twilight Parody video by SNL featured Taylor Swift!

Watch the video below.

See, you will never see Twilight as it is again after watching this parody! LOL.



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