Who Needs To Cheat In Bowling Buddies When You Can Do This Trick?

Do you play the Facebook App Bowling Buddies? If you do, do you do tricks or even cheat to be able to win every set? Bowling Buddies is a Facebook game where you can play bowling (what else?) with, well, your Facebook buddies. It is a relatively easy game. If you happen to play online bowling games this Facebook app is so much like that. No need to cheat. Really. I don't know anyone who cheat in Bowling Buddies. My Facebook friends say they don't cheat on our games (that's what they say). For you to win a game, all you need is practice. How to hit a strike? Well, it's easy if you really practice. Try this trick:
1. Scroll down the page
2. Pick up the bowling ball and place them at target
3. Once you are sure, move your scroll up without moving the mouse.

If you had perfected this trick, you will score strikes and even have a spare, without cheating! Challenge all your buddies to earn more points and elevate your level! Remember, there's no need to cheat in Bowling Buddies. It is unlike other Facebook apps like Restaurant City where you can download Restaurant City Tools 4.4 or Mafia Wars where you can use Mafia Wars Bookmarklets to cheat. Just practice. Practice makes perfect.


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