List of GCash Outlets in the Philippines

GCash is now the leader of mobile money transfer. It beats the cost and efficiency of money transfers such as Western Union, Pera Padala, etc., which cost more. GCash is very popular among online sellers and shoppers. Unlike Paypal, which has transaction fee of 3% and must meet a required amount just to have your money transferred to your bank account. With GCash, you get to send money free of charge, but when having a "cash-out", the term when encashing your Gcash credits, you will be charged P10 or 1%, whichever is higher.

Wondering where to do your GCash cash-ins and cash-outs? GCash Cash-in Outlets include Globe Business Centers,  7-11 branches, Villarica Pawnshops, Tambunting Pawnshops, SM Department Stores, some rural banks, and selected loading stations. Cash-outs are ususally done in Globe Business Centers.

 Click here for the complete list of GCash outlets in the Philippines.


Join Cadbury's Moments of Pure Happiness Photo Contest

Win as much as P50,000 (Grand Prize) in Cadbury's Moments of Pure Happiness Photo Contest! 10 consolation prizes will win P10,000 each, a 3rd placer will win P20,000, and 2nd placer will receive P30,000.

  • Submit your picture showing “moments of pure happiness” while eating/sharing Cadbury chocolates.
  • Photo entries can be submitted two ways:

    1. upload pictures on website (Photo must be set to 640 x 480 pixel dimension)
    2. mail entries to: Cadbury Adams (Philippines), Inc. Unit 1607 16/F Antel Global Corporate Center Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605 Philippines
  • Mailed entries must have the full name, complete address, contact numbers and email address of the participant.
  • Entries submitted via mail will also be uploaded on the website by Cadbury Adams (Philippines), Inc. on behalf of the participant.
  • Submission of entries is until March 15, 2010.
Winners will be determined by combined scores from audience votes (50%) and a panel composed of Cadbury Adams (Philippines), Inc. managers (50%). You may cast your votes online via . You may vote  for more than one entry, but you can only vote for the entry once.
Voting audience will also have a chance to win! 3 lucky voters will be picked and will receive P5,000 cash prize. Online voting is open until March 30, 2010.


2010 Philippine Elections Sample Ballot

The May 2010 election is just a few months away. Why don't we practice shading? :) I-shade na natin ang bilog na hugis itlog!

There are sample ballots that can be downloaded from COMELEC's official site. COMELEC advises that we download it and practice with the shading thingy. As a matter of fact, practicing can help. Shading is an important factor. Validity of your vote will depend on how you shade those ovals beside a candidate's name. No stray marks on the ballot is allowed. Another important thing is the number of ovals you have to shade in a section. For the President, you must choose only one candidate, and shade that candidate's oval. The same goes with the Vice-President. For Senators, you have to choose 12, and for the Party List, you choose only 1.

For more information, you may visit, there are links there where you can download sample ballots in PDF format.


Here Comes SmartBro Surf TV!

Browsing the Internet right on your TV? That's not impossible! With SmartBro's new product, SmartBro Smart TV, you can surf the web straight from your TV! All you have to do is buy a SmartBro Surf TV kit for only P4,500. The SmartBro Surf TV kit includes a keyboard, a mouse, a remote control and your very own SmartBro stick type modem with SmartBro prepaid sim p re-loaded with P100!

Surf and chat straight from your TV with SmartBro Surf TV
How to use a SmartBro Surf TV?
Simple. Just plug the modem on your TV's RCA port and you're on! No need for laptops and desktop PCs! You can also play movies and music files stored in a portable USB drive that can be plugged into the box.

How much will the Internet access cost?
You will be charged P10 for every 30 minutes of using SmartBro Surf TV.

Will there be monthly subscription fees?
None. All you have to pay for is the Surf TV boxed set. You pay Internet service via your SmartBro load.

Where can I buy SmartBro Surf TV sets?
SMART is now concentrating on selling Surf TV on areas with 3G or HSPA coverage. Check with your nearest Smart centers.


List of Philippine Online Bookstores

Reading has been one of my luxuries. I am the one who browse bookstores and take off with a number of books after several hours. I gave up Farmville and Cafe World but I will never give up my love of books. I'm from Bataan so I'm not really capable of visiting a National Bookstore or Powerbooks branch every now and then. But I visit 2 BookSale branches (Vetaf's and Pandayan) here in our province.

BookSale ( offers wide variety of hard-to-find copies for a fraction of the price because they sell pre-read books. I don't mind reading used books. In fact, I feel smarter whenever I buy something decent for less than a hundred pesos. I acquired a trade paperback copy of Memoirs of a Geisha for P50, a first edition of The Cider House Rules for P75 and recently, a hardbound Angela's Ashes for P150, all in immaculate conditions.

But not all books are available there, sometimes, I have to purchase books from some Multiply online sellers. Favorite sites include:

If you want something new and something recent, you can search Philippines' leading bookstores like:

My recent online book purchase was with National Bookstore. I'm planning to buy a book from Fully Booked through Tradeport AND I am yet to pay some reserved books from Life is a Bookpage. Seems like I'm having a broke summer but will read aplenty! Happy book-hunting!


Battle of the Talent...... Shows

I wonder how all these talent shows are combing the archipelago and still coming up with more and more "talents". Just think about it, how many talent shows are there in Philippine TV? At least 4? 2 of them air everyday, meaning 5 or 6 talent group per day for each show? Where did all of that came from?

Talent show boom was lead by Talentadong Pinoy, which airs at TV5 every Saturday with host Ryan Agoncillo. GMA's  Showwwtime followed the lead. Showwwtime was hosted by Michael V a.k.a. Bitoy. I don't know if Showwwtime still airs, I'm not really fond of GMA shows right now.

ABS-CBN then launched Showtime, a daily morning talent show hosted by Anne Curtis and Vhong Navarro. Showtime was once suspended by the MTRCB because of some issues concerning guest judge, Rosanna Roces. When Showtime was suspended, they changed the title to "Magpasikat". But now it was back to Showtime. Showtime is also made popular by Vice Ganda, the show's "un-evictable" judge and his phrase "dahil diyan may nag-text..."

Last February 8, GMA, in partnership with TAPE, Inc. Diz Iz It was launched. has the same concept as ABS-CBN's Showtime. The said show is hosted by Bayani Agbayani, Sam YG, Grace Lee and Ehra Madrigal.

I'm getting tired of talent shows. :::catching breath::: But wait, there's more (lol).

Pilipinas Got Talent started airing last Saturday, February 20, 2010 (correct me if I'm wrong). Luis Manzano and Billy Joe Crawford hosts the show. Judges are Kris Aquino, Ai-ai delas Alas, and Freddie Garcia. ABS-CBN even has a daily show about the talent auditions called Pilipinas Got MORE Talent.

See? I really want to know where the talents are coming from. I know we Filipinos are talented, but I didn't know that we're that talented.


Edward Cullen (or Jacob Black) Pillows Anyone?

Just call them Manllow. A half-man, half-pillow creature that can make or break your sleep.

Edward Cullen or Jacob Black Pillow/Manllow were sold out last 15 February. Would you believe that? Click the link for more info about Edward Cullen Pillows a.k.a. Manllows.


Online Shopping Fail

Last month, I shopped online for 4 particular things: a perfume, 2 books, and a cellphone. Used my sister's credit card to purchase all of these, since I don't have my own. Here's what happened:

  • Ordered a phone from Globe, settled payment, and received an email the next day that the order was turned from "PAID" to "CALL_OUT" because they don't have the said phone on stock. I even received a call confirming that my my sis' card will not be charged. That's fine with me, I said. 3 weeks later, the bill arrived and reflected the so-called "CALL_OUT" order was charged. Natch. Can't reach Globe customer service until now.
  • Ordered Vera Wang Eau de Parfum from, the package arrived 3 weeks later, and it was a FAKE. Now, I know what happens when you buy discount.
  • Ordered Blue Bloods and Masquerade by Melissa dela Cruz from National Bookstore through Okay, the book arrived. But arrived 19 days after the order was placed! I have a feeling that if not for my call to the customer service, they will never remember to ship the beloved books. My only consolation is that the books were lovely! Very good story!

These experiences didn't stop me from shopping online though, I just purchased some books from a Multiply seller. Better spend that Paypal credits, you know!

Wow. She Thinks I'm Fantastic!

A recently-found friend from the blogosphere gave me an award. And I was very surprised to receive this Beautiful Blogger Award from Jenie. Thank you soooo much!

•Thank & link to the person that gave you the award.
•Pass this award onto 10 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic.
•Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won.
•State 7 things about yourself.

Thank you for considering that this blog is fantastic. And here are my 10 choices, your blogs rock guys!!!

Crucial Bliss, Vernz, Kumagcow, CandyPastel, Sally, Aimless Ramblings, Kimmy Schemy, Babies Are Angels, Kurdapyaz, and Beng.

Hmmm... and the 7 things about me that I would like to share with you:

1. I heart Coco Martin. Not because he is so cute, but because he acts very, very well.

2. I'm a book hoarder. I tend to buy books (brand new and second hand ones are fine with me) even if I still have dozens waiting to be read!

3. I hate spiders. The large ones.

4. Love, love, love dark chocolates!!!

5. I'm a fan of Twilight Saga movies, not because the stories rock (they suck, really) but because I am that shallow. So shallow that the reasons I watch them were Edward and Jacob. ;)

6. I am a frustrated architect, an aspiring writer, and a caterer in profession.

7. I need glasses but refuse to use a pair.

Again..thanks to Jenie!


Rotating Brownouts in Luzon?! WTF!

Summer PLUS brownouts= aarrgghh!!!

According to utility economics manager of MERALCO, Lawrence S. Fernandez, there will be 2-3 hour rotating brownouts all over Luzon. This is due to the critical level of power supply in the Luzon grid.

I hope they will release a detailed schedule of the rotating brownouts so that Luzon peeps will have time to get ready (e.g. candles, water, plan to go to the mall, etc.). Please MERALCO, release a memo re: Luzon Rotating Brownouts Schedule! Please Pulis!


Coke Para sa Oras-Oras Happiness Promo!

You will surely be happy with the new Coca-cola promo! Win P20,000 Cash (Coke Happy Wallet) every hour in  Coke Para sa Oras-Oras Happiness Promo! All you have to do is text promo codes to join.
Coke Oras-Oras Happiness Promo Poster

Here's how it goes:

1. Purchase any of the participating brands (COKE REGULAR, COKE LIGHT, COKE ZERO, SPRITE AND ROYAL TRU-ORANGE) in glass bottles, plastic bottles, cans and cups (from participating fastfood chains and restaurants)

2. Copy the promo code that can be found:
  • Under the crown for Sakto 200ml, 8oz, 12 oz glass bottles
  • Under the cap for 1L, 500ml, 750ml glass bottles
  • On the label for 500ml, 1.25L, 1.5L, and 2L plastic bottles
  • Under the can for 330ml can variants
  • On Peel-apart cards for every purchase of 12oz, 16oz, 20oz, or 22oz ONLY at participating QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants)
          *Only 1 Peel-apart card shall be given for every single purchase ( not receipts ) of the participating cup sizes. Example: 3 cups of any size = 3 peel-apart cards

          *Peel-apart cards must be matched with valid official receipts purchased on the same store/branch and can be claimed any time from January 24 up to March 31,2010.

3. Text in your entries using the following format:
COKE [space] PROMO CODE and send to 2653
Example: “COKE 1234ABC” and send to 2653

4. Globe subscribers will be charged P2.50 per text/entry while Sun and Smart subscribers will be charged P1.00

5. You will then receive a message for a ONE-TIME registration in the following format:
Example: COKE REG Edward Cullen/18/26 Don Bosco Ave., Baguio City and send to 2653

6. Registration is FREE of charge. After registration, a confirmation message will be sent to the consumer acknowledging his/her registration.

7. Strictly 1 registered participant per mobile number

8. For an entry to be valid, you need to have the following:
  • Participants name to validate the promo code
  • A valid promo code generated by Oks Pinoy
  • Proof of Purchase – Crown/Cap/Label/Can/Peel-Apart card

9. Each promo code is equivalent to:
  • 1 entry for Sakto 200ml, 8oz, 12oz bottle and 330ml can variants
  • 3 entries for 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 1.25L, 1.5L, and 2L variants
  • Each promo code in the peel-apart card is equivalent to 1 entry for 12oz, 16oz, 20oz, and 22oz cups

10. Winning consumers of the hourly prize will receive a telegram containing the amount of the cash prize the participant won, the corresponding promo code, and instructions on how to claim the prize. Winners will NOT be notified through text, only through telegram. Proof of Purchase containing the texted-in promo code needs to be surrendered by the potential winners to claim prizes.

11. TCCEC/TPA will verify the identity of the winning participants and the proof of purchase with the corresponding promo code before awarding the prizes. Tampered proof of purchases will be disqualified. Winners who fail the verification process will also be disqualified. All decisions made by TCCEC on all matters related to this promotion are final.

12. The actual crown/cap/label/can must not be lost, tampered, defaced, mutilated or destroyed beyond fair recognition of its promo code as this will be grounds for disqualification.

13. Prizes not claimed within 60 days after the end of the promo period will be forfeited in favor of TCCEC with the written approval of BFAD.

Coke Happy Wallet and a cash prize of P20,000 every hour, every day
  • Promo Duration is 46 days x 24 hours = 1,104 winners
  • 1,104 winners of P20,000 for a total of P22,080,000 worth of cash prizes
Coke Para sa Oras-Oras Happiness Promo Period: January 24 – March 31, 2010

This promo is open to all Globe, Smart and Sun subscribers

Participating Quick Service Restaurants include Chowking, Italliani's, TGI Friday's, and Wendy's but there's more in the list! Check out posters for more details.

Update: For list of winners, please visit Boy Kuripot for updates. 

*Employees of TCCEC, CCBP, MEPs, including those of their parent companies, affiliates, their third party suppliers including Ace Promotions, Oks Pinoy, Starlink, BFAD and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining this promotion.

*Contact the customer care hotline at 813-2653 (Manila) or 1800-1888-2653 (Provincial) or text COKE HELP to 2653. See posters for details.


Kris Aquino's Gowns, Shoes and Bags Available at K-Bazaar!

Pre-loved and brand new Kris Aquino items, anyone?

This is your chance to enjoy branded clothes, bags and shoes at a fraction of the price! Kris Aquino is selling up her pre-loved closet items and adding up some brand new pieces! This is part of her birthday/charity sale called K-Bazaar.

I scanned the online gallery and found brand new BRANDED bags. A brand new Michael Kors bag was tagged Php30,000. Used Louis Vuitton footwear are also available. Gowns that look like the ones Kris Aquino wore in Pinoy Bingo Night episodes can also be purchased but the prices for gowns and other shoes are not posted.
You can check them out on the online gallery Style Resurrection. Hurry, K-Bazaar will run from February 12 to 20 only.

For inquiries and purchases, you can visit 34 Sgt Esguerra St., Quezon City or call/text 09162364818/ 09175315119.


Divorce Vouchers For Valentines

How to surprise your wife (or husband) on Valentines? Cook dinner. Light some candles. Spread rose petals on the floor. Then...

Present a divorce voucher as a gift.

Surprise. Surprise.

Divorce vouchers are becoming very popular in London. London-based law-firm Lloyd Platt & Co. came up with the idea of gift vouchers for divorce consultations. Isn't it great? Birthdays, Christmas, and this Valentine season, you can now gift your spouse, or a friend with a very rocky relationship, with a divorce vouchers!

Divorce vouchers are readily available for 325 pounds.

Hmmm. Too bad, no divorce here. Just kidding!

Happy Valentines Day to all! XOXO


Spongebob's I Wish I Could Fly Lyrics

I'm a Spongebob Squarepants fan, no doubt about that. And I always watch him to keep my spirit up! We all know that Spongebob is a great singer, and one of my favorite Spongebob song is "I Wish I Could Fly".

Here's how it goes:

If only I could join you there in the air
Floating free without a care
I wish I could fly
And see things with a different eye

I could fly
So very high
And touch the sky
And never have to ask why it is that I can't fly

Watch the video below:


ABS-CBN's Agua Bendita Stars Andi Eigenmann

Agua Bendita on Prime Time Bida|Watch Trailer Online

Starting February 8, ABS-CBN will start airing its new addition on the prime time slot, Agua Bendita. Agua Bendita stars Andi Eigenmann, Jason Abalos and Mateo Gudecelli. This show will be the launching show of Andi, daughter of Mark Gil and Jaclyn Jose. The 19-year old young lady said that she is very thankful that ABS-CBN trusted her with this project. Agua Bendita will take the time slot of May Bukas Pa, since the latter ended today.

Watch the trailer of Agua Bendita online courtesy of Youtube:


Not My Kind of Drama

It's a bit early for me to judge, I know. But after two days of watching Judy Ann Santos' comeback teleserye , Habang May Buhay, it already left me "unstable". Yes, unstable, just like Gina Alajar's character here. It's really not my kind of drama. I don't want to sound like an anti-Juday here (I admire her, really), but this series feels soooo heavy, with lots of complications, tears, shouting and melodramatic "Ngayon, umikot na ang mundo" kind of dialogues. I can feel right from the very start that Habang May Buhay will be very Mara Clara-like. A story that doesn't really exist, and will not exist whatever you do.

Just my two cents.

Digg! Offers Online TV ---FREE!

Watch ABS-CBN Shows Online ---- absolutely free!

Good news! You can watch your favorite ABS-CBN shows online for free starting January 2010! That is, if you are a Sky Broadband or Bayan DSL Subscriber. will be offering 2 kinds of streamed programs: Live ABS-CBN shows and the Video-On-Demand.

i want photo

How to watch free ABS-CBN shows online?

Easy. But like what I've said earlier, you must have a Sky Broadband or Bayan DSL account. To have a Sky Broadband or Bayan DSL account, you MUST be one of their subscribers (of course naman 'no!). If you are not a subscriber of the said two providers, you will not be able to access the I Want TV website given that only subscribers will have their own usernames and passwords.

How to register for I want TV account?

Just Log on to and click the register button, follow the instructions and you'll soon be able to access unlimited ABS-CBN shows right from your computer, free!

Reminder: Make sure you have your Bayan DSL or Sky Broadband account number with you when registering.

Enjoy watching free TV with!



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