Ninja Saga Chunin Exam Answer

Ninja Saga, as I said on my previous post, is a Facebook app...again. Oh, this could be very tiring, but I will say it again: like any other Facebook game, there are cheats on Ninja Saga. But we will not talk about Ninja Saga cheats in this post, I will tell you how to know or to have the answer on the Ninja Saga Chunin Exam.

As a Naruto Shipuuden fan, I find Ninja Saga on Facebook a Naruto rip-off. In Naruto, Chunin or Chuunin exams were taken to test the ability of genin. In Ninja Saga, Chunin or Chuunin Exams are taken to level up and earn more points.

How can you get answers on Ninja Saga Chunin Exams?

I found a step-by-step guide to find the answers on Ninja Saga Chunin Exam/s:
  1. Go to your facebook account
  2. Go to Special mission with the kage
  3. Proceed to ninja saga Chunin exam Part 1
  4. Go to this link for the answer for the Ninja Saga Chunin Written Exam
  5. Click the link Ninja Saga Chunin Exam Answer Part 1
  6. Download Chunin Exam Answer part 1
Hope this post helped you on answering the Ninja Saga Chunin Exam!


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