Decibel Levels of Common Sounds| Decibel Level Chart

Wondering how loud is loud? Check out this chart of Decibel Levels of Common Sounds

Decibel is the unit measure of noise. Decibel is rated from 0 to 140. Exposure (without hearing protection) to loud noises with decibel levels of 100 is not recommended.

What are the decibel levels of common sounds? When I say common sounds, I mean the sound of a whisper, the normal voice, amplified music, aircraft taking off, traffic noise, and more.

Decibel Levels of Common Sounds:

Aircraft at take-off:Decibel level:180

Fireworks:Decibel level:140

Snowmobile:Decibel level:120

Chain saw:Decibel level:110

Amplified music:Decibel level:110

Lawn mower :Decibel level:90

Noisy office:Decibel level:90

Vacuum cleaner:Decibel level:80

City traffic :Decibel level:80

Normal conversation :Decibel level:60

Refrigerator humming:Decibel level:40

Whisper:Decibel level:20

Leaves rustling :Decibel level:10

Calm breathing:Decibel level:10


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