My Sim Card Number Won 2nd Prize!!!

It was raining and I'm sitting on the couch, watching TV, with my phone beside me, expecting a message from someone. naks. It was like a scene from a kilig-themed movie where a girl became so happy when she received a message on her phone, assuming that the text message is from her boyfriend or somebody special. Yes, my phone beeped, I read the message from an unregistered number and was really surprised after I realized what the message is all about.

I received the text message from 09268221505 saying:

(Notice)! Ur sim# had won (P780,000)2nd Prize winner. To claim ur prize Plz call me now.Im atty RUSSEL .F RAMOS (D'auditor of phil's charity foundation)PER DTI-NCR PERMIT #0778 sEr of 09.

(Yes, exactly like that.) Of course, I can't believe it... actually, I DID NOT BELIEVE every single word he/she texted me. I don't know why some people got swindled because of texts like this. If you didn't join any raffle, why will you win something in the first place? Don't ever believe anything like this one.

Luckily, I have enough load to send a reply. I texted 09268221505 a simple and one-word reply: "gago."



  1. wahehe... i always receive a message like this susi... pero di rin ako naniniwala.
    Nirereplyan ko lang ng: "wow!!! panu ko maclaim ang prize???"... minsan tinatawagan ko pa pero ayaw sumagot. hehe

  2. lol i hav reciv msg today frm 09076760759 and said plz call Atty. Erick C. Vasquez. this is my 3rd time to reciv same msgs from diff numbers and diff names. and also when i'm in dubai, i reciv like this number but they traced that number and i log a complain for that.. here in our country we can do nothing but reply the word "GAGO" the network provider must do an action for this..

  3. hahaha... ako rin natry ko na makarecieve ng ganyang text. finorward ko sakanya yung text nya. hahaha baka sakaling siya yung mauto.ahahaha


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