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Did you know that SF means Special Forces? And SF Cheats means, well, Special Forces Cheats? And did you know that almost all searches for SF Cheats come from the Philippines? I guess that in other countries, they call it Special Forces and not SF. So, Filipinos also call Special Forces Cheats "SF Cheats". (Filipinos like these acronym thingy, calling Friendster FS and Facebook FB. lol.)

Special Forces (SF) is a very classic game, this game had evolved from a PC Game, Atari game, Playstation game, Gameboy game, and online game. Though more and more people still play Special Forces and still more and more are looking for SF Cheats.

What are the common SF Cheats?

The Invincibility Cheat- this SF cheat means that you'll be, uhm, invincible. I guess if you acquired this SF cheat, you will not die unless...I don't know.

No Reload Cheat- Wow. If you acquired this SF cheat, you will have a bottomless ammo!

Invisibility Cheat- you won't need to borrow Harry Potter's invisibility cloak to be invisible if you know how to use this cheat.

Super Speed Cheat- the name says it all. If you have this SF cheat, you will be super fast!

Auto Aim Cheat- this SF cheat is what I need.lol. If you use this, you will never miss a shot!

Just a few reminders readers, cheating is cheating. Sometimes, using cheats can cause termination of your game account. Just like in Facebook's Mafia Wars, using Mafia Wars Bookmarklets may cause suspension of your Facebook account because that's cheating. They don't tolerate cheats. I think the same goes with Special Forces (SF), if you use SF cheats on your SF game, that's bad, and you'll deserve a penalty whatever it is. Cheats are cheats.



  1. How can i make one of the cheats for my special force account... pilipino ako..

  2. sana lang po yang gumamit ng cheat.ay room po dapat sa kanila...thanks


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