Are Kingdom of Loathing (KoL) Cheats Existent?

Kingdom of Loathing is a darkly funny, browser-based, multiplayer role-playing game. KoL game world is drawn in a crude stick-figure style and hardly any animation at all — with clever writing and a bizarre, complex world that takes months to explore entirely. I recently joined Kingdom of Loathing. I named my character Aysus the Pastamancer.

KoL Cheats\Pastamancer
The first thing I did is The Toot Oriole Quest. The Toot Oriole is a bird (or something like that) who lives on top of Mt. Noob.

Kingdom of Loathing

I don't know if there are cheats to use in Kingdom of Loathing (KoL). Maybe there are some cheats or codes that can increase your "meat", the game's currency. Or maybe there are cheats to gain "beefiness" or muscle.

By the way Norway, for those who haven't heard of Kingdom of Loathing or KoL, before you study what cheats to use, cheaters, here are the 6 interesting female characters (well basically male and female characters on Kingdom of Loathing are all the same) you can choose from:

Seal Clubber- hail from the frigid Northlands, because one character class always hails from the frigid Northlands. They rely on their Muscle to survive.

Turtle Tamer- She excels at moving very slowly and winning footraces with smug satisfaction. Her Muscle is the key to her success, and to her long lifespan.

Pastamancer -With her mastery of the arcane secrets of Noodlecraft, the Pastamancer is a force to be reckoned with. She relies on her Mysticality to get ahead in the world.

Sauceror- Long engaged in an uneasy truce with the Pastamancers, the guild of Saucerors protects the secrets of the Ancient Brotherhood of Gravymakers. Their Mysticality is their most important attribute.

Disco Bandit- boogies to and fro, hither and yon. Whence comes she? No man knows. Whither strikes she next? All men live in fear of her and her Moxie.

Accordion Thief -The scourge of mariachis and polka bands, the Accordion Thieves have plied their malign craft since time out of mind. Their Moxie serves them well in both their adventures and their interactions with "the gentlemen."

I have remaining time for my adventure for today. Who knows, while doing my adventures, I'll discover useful Kol Cheats or Kingdom of Loathing Cheats that I can share here. Let me master it first. lol.


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