I See Superman in Jiggy Cruz

I bet every girl who laid eyes on Jiggy A. Cruz thinks that he's boyfriend material. I know, because every teen's blog I visit, I see some banner or a page with "I Crush Jiggy Cruz" or "Marry Me Jiggy Cruz" blinking merrily with the help of a Flash Player. Well, he's indeed a boyfriend material. He wears rimmed glasses, very articulate, has a very good job and what else? Jiggy is also a comic book enthusiast, a chocoholic, a rock/alternative music fan, athletic, and always busy helping the country and saving the day (sounds like Clark Kent to me).

jiggy aquino cruz photoJiggy holding a copy of Ninoy: Essays and Art

His favorite movies include Spider-Man, X2, Billy Madison, American Pie, and The Shawshank Redemption. Born Justin Benigno Aquino Cruz, Jiggy is the late Benigno Aquino Jr. and Cory Aquino's first grandchild. Jiggy's mom is Ballsy, the eldest daughter of Cory and Ninoy, and his father is Eldon Cruz.

Jiggy is now 23 years old and working for Nestle Confectionery as a Channel Development Executive. Hey, Nestle Confectionery? And Jiggy is a chocolate lover? Combine Nestle Confectionery and a chocoholic...it totals perfect. The girl will be flooded with Nestle Crunch and Milo Bars, I'm pretty sure. Hehe, just kidding. Want to know more about Jiggy Cruz? Visit his blog, The Tangled Web.


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