Using Mafia Wars Bookmarklets

Mafia Wars Bookmarklets and Tools

Mafia Wars is a popular game for Facebook and MySpace users. Most users are looking for Mafia Wars Bookmarklets. A bookmarklet is a JavaScript code that's triggered when you use the bookmark. Though bookmarklet is very popular with Facebook Mafia Wars users, it was said to be illegal and can cause termination of your Facebook account. The Facebook Mafia Wars TOS states that "....use of any hacking scripting programs in Mafia Wars, ... we can freeze or terminate your account" and something like that.

Some Mafia Wars Bookmarklets that I know:
  • AttackSpree
  • AttackCuba
  • DoJobs
  • ExpEnergy
  • LimitedLoot
  • AttackAgain
  • AttackX
  • MafiaGift
  • MafiaGiftNW
  • Switch
  • ProfileMafia
  • ConfirmAll
  • MafiaMikes
  • ProfileMafia
  • MafiaLogs

You can install these Mafia Wars Bookmarklets using links provided by these 2 sites:

Remember, if you are installing Mafia Wars bookmarklets, it is POSSIBLE THAT YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT WILL BE TERMINATED. Mafia Wars Bookmarklets is considered as an automated system or unauthorized script, both of which are not allowed to be used on Mafia Wars in Facebook.



  1. dofollow na pala itong blog mo. wow! maki comment nga. hehe. by the way susi, may own domain ka naba?

  2. actually, wala pa e. hehe. Wag muna, mahirap din kasi magsimula. =)

  3. You can't get banned from facebook - just the Mafia Wars application. The two are seperate...


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