UFC Fighter Tra Telligman|Tra Telligman Death

UFC Fighter Tra Telligman|Tra Telligman Death

I'm not really a fan of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). And I only heard of (or read, rather) Tra Telligman from blogs and news. Now, what is all about Tra Telligman? Everybody's searching about Tra Telligman Death. Related searches regarding Tra Telligman are: tim sylvia, steve bosse, diego sanchez, and tournoi bantam st eustache. I googled "Tra Telligman death", and found myself in a bodybuilding forum. A post states that Tra Telligman died during a UFC match with Tim Sylvia. Other users argued about Tra Telligman death, they say that he's alive and just old so he retired. Hmm. Some say that UFC is trying to hide Tra Telligman's death.
Hey, that Tra Telligman Vs. Timy Sylvia match was aired a couple of hours ago. Now tell me what happened.

UFC Fighter Tra Telligman|Tra Telligman Death


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