My Shopaholic Confession

Hi! I’m Susay and I’m a shopaholic.

Not your ordinary shopaholic though. I love to shop but I get what I want in a fraction of the price. Yes, I’m a “sale girl”. I’m also a surplus princess and ukay-ukay queen. I can get a JunkFood shirt for only P35, brand-new Abercrombie jeans for P500, and authentic Versace jacket for P60! Pricey stuff? I hate them as well as low-quality items. So, to satisfy my shopping addiction, I go to stores where they have those export over-runs with brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Mango, Diesel, and Levi’s. And where can you find good looking BCBG khaki pants for just a hundred pesos other than in thrift shops? I know, I’m not your stereotype shopaholic, I’m not the one who loves to shop and then get broke. I’m proud of my way of shopping. I’m proud of my “shopping talent”. I’m proud to be a thrifty shopaholic!


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