Jennifer Siebel Newsom|The Trouble With Love|PHOTO

San Francisco First Lady starred in sexy-comedy film The Trouble with Love

Jennifer Siebel, the wife of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newson. Aside from being a first lady, Jennifer Siebel Newsom is also an actress. Before she weds Gavin, Jennifer starred in a raunchy indie film called The Trouble With Love. Now, the movie is due for release this Friday, and they say it will cause stir. "It is going to cause quite a stir as people aren’t used to seeing a political figure like this," director Gene Rhee said. "But I just hope people judge her for her amazing performance not for her political associations."

jennifer siebel newsom photo

I think photos and videos from the movie The Trouble with Love will soon surface. And we are expecting to have searches like Watch The Trouble with Love online and Jennifer Siebel N.ude photos!


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