Hi5 Skins

What is Hi5 and where to get those Hi5 Skins

is a social networking site similar to MySpace, Friendster and Facebook. Hi5 is a very popular site according to Alexa. Hi5 is in the Alexa’s Top 20 sites. Like MySpace, Friendster and Facebook users, Hi5 members occasionally change the “skins” of their Hi5 profiles. Some download Hi5 skins and some create their own Hi5 skin. Updating your Hi5 skin may be due to occasions, events, favorites, or your mood. Your Hi5 skin can be punk, Goth, colorful, movie-inspired, or cute. Hi5 skins can also have backgrounds with photos of your favorite actor, band, pet, food, and almost anything. Hi5 skins reflect your personality and mood. There are many sites that provide codes for Hi5 profile skin. Just make sure to paste the Hi5 skin code correctly. If you are downloading a Hi5 skin, be aware of the site where you download the Hi5 skin from. Want more Hi5 skins? Check out these sites:

My Fly Profile- offers list of free downloadable Hi5 Skins!
Hi5-Comment- get the latest Hi5 skin designs!
Tweak Your Page- tweak your Hi5 profiles with numbers of Hi5 skins they offer!

Hi5 Skins


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