Dactylopius coccus costa|Carmine|Insect for food coloring

Know what's on your food|Dactylopius coccus costa Photo

Do you know what's coloring your strawberry yogurt red? I'll bet it is Dactylopius coccus costa.

Dactylopius coccus costa image
ugh.Dactylopius coccus costa

Or Carmine. Or simply insect. Yes. Dactylopius coccus costa is a bug that feeds on red berries which accumulates in its belly. The red berries give the Carmine the reddish color. So, a food manufacturer will have to simply grind these dried Dactylopius coccus costa, turn it into a fine, red powder, and sprinkle it over your supposed to be red, pink, or purple food products! Oh, I love processed foods!


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