Will Watch-Movies.net be closed permanently?

Watch-Movies.Net closed???

Will this be the end of free online movie-watching? Actually, I haven't tried watching movie online through watch-movies.net. Really, I'm too coward to do so. lol. I heard about this site from a friend, who watched Twilight online from watch-movies dot net. She was very satisfied with the site, she watches movies nightly! As we were chatting last night, she complained that she wasn't able to watch a movie online...that watch-movies.net seemed to stop working. I typed watch-movies.net and Firefox can't find it, as if I typed the wrong address or watch-movies.net doesn't exist! Now, I'm thinking, will watch-movies.net be closed permanently? Will it be shut down because of copyright laws violation? I know that sites like showstash.com and movierumor.com were shut down permanently because of infringement of copyrighted motion pictures and TV shows. For those who are looking for other sites that offer free movie/TV Show downloads and free movies/TV Shows to watch online, legally (yes, there are legal sites), please click here.

Will Watch-Movies.net be closed permanently?


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