Do you have a photo of Jordan Matthews?

Do you have a photo of Jordan Matthews?

Yes, you, or everyone reading this post, can you please be kind and share a photo of Jordan Matthews? Everybody's talking about Michael Phelps "secret girlfriend", Jordan Matthews from University of South Carolina. Honestly guys, is Jordan Matthews really a girlfriend of Michael Phelps, or are they inventing some name and Jordan Matthew popped out of their heads? Isn't Jordan Matthews a High School in North Carolina? So, to prove that Jordan Matthews, the girl Michael Phelps is said to be seeing, produce a pic, and share it with us.

note: actually, I searched for Jordan Matthews' photo and all I got is a hot lad's photo. LOL! I never thought Michael Phelps will.............LOL!!!! Just Kidding

Do you have a photo of Jordan Matthews?


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