This Site May Harm Your Computer|Attention:Google

This Site May Harm Your Computer Warning is bugging my searches

An hour ago, I was doing my nightly Googling and everything's fine. Then I felt thirsty, had a drink, and washed my face. When I returned and started Googling again, all the search results where labeled "This Site May Harm Your Computer". I clicked a site and there it is, a Malware Warning! The page suggested that I do another search OR pick another result. The problem is, whatever I picked, this "This Site May Harm Your Computer" link pops out! How am I going to do a search if all the sites are labeled with this? I'm going to Google "How to google without something harming my computer"? Wait, I think it's already harmed now.

This Site May Harm Your Computer|Attention:Google

Update: Now, it's OK. I wonder what went wrong.


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