Gary Dell Abate House|Photos

Gary Dell Abate House|Photos

At first, I thought Gary Dell Abate is selling his house. I thought so because why would everybody be searching for Gary Dell Abate house or Gary Dell Abate House photos? Then, through further "researching" (read:Google-ing), I found out that Gary Dell Abate's house was featured in Today's Show, they searched about it. Hey, what's wrong with you, people? Gary Dell Abate's house was featured on TV and you run into your computers looking for it? Why not watch? lol. By the way, Gary Dell Abate is the producer of The Howard Stern Show. Gary Dell Abate's house is a dream house for all, and look at Gary Dell Abate's home theater:

Here is Gary Dell Abate's house floor plan:

Gary Dell Abate House|Photos


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