Chagaev Vs. Drumond: Who will win the fight?

Chagaev Vs. Drumond: Who will win the fight?

As the Kotelnik Vs. Maidana fight nears, everyone's very excited. And being the Kotelnik-Maidana Match undercard game, people are starting to get curious about Chagaev Vs. Drummond fight. Honestly, both Chageav and Drumond are new to me. But from what I've read on boxing forums, Drummond is in this game just for the "payslip". They are also talking about Drummond is no match against Chagaev. Is that true? Is the Changaev Vs. Drummond fight really that predictable? Let's just watch the Drummond Vs. Changaev fight. Uhm, anyone who knows where we can watch the Drumond Vs. Changaev fight video replay or the Drummond Vs. Changaev fight live video streaming? If you know any sites that offer free Drummond-Changaev fight to watch online, please let us know.

Changaev Vs. Drummond: Who Will Win The Fight?


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