I Wish Those Bench Coke Shirts Are For Sale

I Wish Those Bench Coke Shirts Are For Sale

But they're not. The cool Coke Shirts by Bench are only available IF, and only IF, you are lucky enough to have one of those "free shirt" printed under your Coke, Sprite, or Royal Tru-Orange caps or crowns (tansan). It's for Coca-Cola's Wear A Smile Promo (promo period:January 25-March 31, 2009). I love Coke. I drink Coke almost everyday, but I'm not a very lucky person, see. Ugh. I think it's better if they followed the collect-a-number-of-crowns trend, the way they did last December, on their Coke Glasses promo. That way, I'm sure I will be able to lay my hands on a Bench Coke Shirt even if it required a hundred of smiley crowns! Or let it be for sale! Please! Please! Just don't make me look under a Coke crown because I'm 99% positive (Or should I make that negative??) that I won't see "Free Shirt" on it . I wish, I wish, I wish.

I Wish Those Bench Coke Shirts Are For Sale

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  1. I think they sell if they wanted to. Mga lapit na end sa promo dun na nila e sell cguro. I'm not sure, idea ko lang..



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