Watch 'When I Met U' Online|KC + Richard movie trailer

Watch 'When I Met U' Online|KC + Richard movie trailer

Following their movie with Star Cinema, Richard Gutierrez and KC Concepcion will have their 2nd movie team-up with GMA Films and Regal . The movie title is "When I Met You". Wait, I guess the 'You' was spelled as 'U' (classy,huh? :grin:) , so let's call it "When I Met U". lol. I know you've been dying to watch the movie in theaters and even planning to watch it online, or download it. Not too fast, guys, they haven't released the official trailer of "When I Met You" and you are expecting to watch the thing online for free? Yes, as I said, the official trailer's not aired yet, but they have a teaser. Yes, a teaser.....the one that will tease you until you got very cheesy and mushy and stuff and you decide to actually go on queue and watch "When I Met U" on its opening day. Wow. By the way, let's just see if the teaser can tease you, watch "When I Met U" teaser online after the jump.

So, were you teased? ;)

Watch 'When I Met U' Online|KC + Richard movie trailer

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