The Real State of the Nation

As President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo delivers her 9th State of the Nation Address (SONA)on the 27th, more and more Filipinos wonder what the REAL State of the Nation is.

sona 2009

Let's have a brief look:

1. hunger- Filipinos are getting hungrier and hungrier. Powerless or powerful, we are all getting hungrier. The powerful is hungrier for power. The powerless is hungrier for food.

2. war- really. I really can't understand the war in Mindanao.

3. unemployment- no matter what they say, Guam needs hundreds of these, Dubai needs hundreds of that, hey we're talking about millions here. I don't know why we should be proud that other countries are offering us jobs, our government should be the one making job for us.

4. garbage- yes, believe it or not, despite the WOW! Philippines-themed videokes, our country is one place full of rubbish. I'm not just talking about them political garbage, I'm also talking about the your waste, the towns' waste, the cities' waste. Oh, what a waste!

5. education- I saw a documentary about the education system. 120 students in a room? Unreliable textbooks? Incompetent teachers that can't even pronounce giraffe correctly?(now, I'm talking based on my experience) Elementary school classes divided in two shifts?

6. overpopulation- the government doesn't want us to meddle with those "modern" birth control methods. The saints would not even give free condoms and teach proper sex education. FYI: the funds for artificial birth controls are from USAID and not from the Philippine government. They tell us to abstain from the thing. Hey, are you all humans or what?

I'm only down to number 6 but my head aches already. I know there's more, but for now, I need that PacMan-endorsed Alaxan FR to ease the pain. lol. On July 27, Madame President will once again deliver her SONA, I know we all hope this would be her last. If you have something, anything, to add, just leave a comment.

Then come that State of the Nation Address, those teachers will once again ask to write it down, analyze it and report it to class. As if it will raise their salaries, or prevent 3 students from sitting on just 2 chairs. If you are unfortunate enough to have your teacher pressuring you to produce a copy of the story of that make-believe world our President is making up for the past two terms, hey, of course I'll have it here. :) Talking about segue: PGMA's 2009 SONA Full Text

special thanks to fczamora for the cartoon :)


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