Buy Cellphone Load Online (Let Me See You Try)

It was raining and my Globe phone registered zero balance. And because I hate walking in the rain, I opted to purchase my load online. After all, I have some PayPal credits to use. So I went googling "buy globe load online" but the results give me sites that offer Globe (and Smart and Sun, too) loads for very steep prices.

smart-globe-sun load online

Load Me Baby's P500 load credit will cost you $17.99 using major credit cards. I also find Buy and Buy loads to be too pricey (Globe 150 Pesos load is $4.59), but you can purchase from them via PayPal. My last resort would be the Globe Autoload via Internet feature of But unfortunately, the service is not available here in the Philippines. You can only buy load directly from Globe if you are outside the country and pay it through PayPal.

Minutes spent, I didn't find any (affordable) means to buy load online, so I grabbed my umbrella and went to Aling Aida's store, where I loaded my Globe phone with P40 (with 20 free texts!!!) ;)

Note: Globe will be launching its Unlichat Plus on July 31. Unlichat+ is a feature that gives you unlimited chat AND text for just P30/day.


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