Funny Banana Split NNNN Video!

NNNN or Ntertainment News Na Naman is a segment of ABS-CBN gag show Banana Split. I really look forward for the weekly NNNN! I love how Angelica and Jayson portray Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda (their characters are named Crissy and Bhoy). This video was aired today, July 11. Lucky there's a fan quick enough to upload the video just after the show ended! This NNNN video is so funny! It's the one that has Angelica or Crissy wearing a replica of the hilarious choker/necklace (or whatever neck accessory it is)Kris Aquino wore last Sunday on The Buzz.

See how Angelica projects as Kris. Super! Kris na Kris. Funny!


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  1. ito lang talaga ang inaabangan ko sa Banana Split. pramis! super kaaliw :)


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