What To Do With Leftover Fried Chicken|Fried Chicken Sandwich Recipe

I love sandwiches. And I love Fried Chicken. And I so love Fried Chicken Sandwich! So, each time I cook fried chicken for lunch or dinner, I make sure that I'll have some leftovers for my sandwich. If you have leftover fried chicken, you can easily make it into a gourmet-like sandwich, just like what I had yesterday, and last Monday, and a week before that. =)

fried chicken sandwich recipe
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I like my sandwich bread to be slightly toasted, always. Toasting the sandwich bread gives the sandwich added texture and flavor. And most of the time, expect for roast beef sandwiches and bacon and eggs, I like my sandwich fillings to be cold. So my tuna salad, chicken salad, AND fried chicken must be thoroughly chilled. Yes, even the fried chicken. I like it that way. But if you want to reheat your leftover fried chicken, or just want to make a sandwich out of your very hot, just-cooked-a-while-ago chicken, it's all up to you. It will be your sandwich, by the way.

So, here's what we need for a Fried Chicken Sandwich:

2 sandwich bread, white or wheat (I prefer wheat), toasted as you like
1-2 tbsp. mayonnaise
1 pc. fried chicken, deboned and cut into large pieces
1-2 lettuce leaf
mustard, optional

On a piece of bread, spread desired amount of mayonnaise. Place your desired amount of lettuce leaf, top it with the chicken pieces. Drizzle with mustard, or ketchup, if you like. I'll recommend you just add mustard and omit the ketchup, but it's your sandwich, you can do what you want :) Then of course you have to cover it with another sandwich bread. You can cut it into triangles for a more "sosy" look. hehe.

Dig in!


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