My Rewards, My Globe| 4438=Gifts+Discounts!

I have so many reasons why I love Globe, but here's the latest: My Rewards, My Globe! Globe is giving away rewards in form of free load, gadgets, PAL miles, etc.; and discounts from partner stores like Ipanema, SODA, Fully Booked, KFC, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and more!

I'm so happy with this gift from Globe! I've been a Globe user since the first time I laid my hands on a cellphone, that was 9 years ago, when I was 18, and until now, I'm still with Globe! I don't even have an alternate number from other networks! Well, now it's time that Globe gives us rewards for our loyalty.

Here are the 4438 My Rewards, My Globe Keywords:

BAL- points inquiry
ITEMS- list of rewards
DISCOUNTS- list of benefits
REDEEM - for redemption
SHARE POINTS <10-DIGIT MOBILE#> -points transfer
END-deactivation of program

For more information regarding My Rewards, My Globe, you may visit

My Rewards, My Globe will stay. Meaning there's no end to this. Isn't that great?



  1. This morning, I received an annoying txt message from 4438 telling about my rewards or points deadline. The message was follows:

    " MyRewards MyGlobe: We're pleased to inform you that redemption of point you earned in 2010 is extended til March 31. Txt BAL to 4438 to check your available points now! "

    What is this? Globe telling me that my earned points will end after March 31 if I don't redeemed it? Am I the only one who received this king of text from 4438?

  2. how can i used my rewards in shopping mall


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