Chocolate Edward Cullen Bust, Anyone? (Photo|Video)

I know Edward Cullen or Robert Pattinson can be so delicious...sometimes, but to mold Edward out of solid milk chocolate? Well, I can say this is getting more and more stupid. Hey, I don't want to burst your bubbles here, I will never say no to RPattz if he'll ask me to do the "thing" I want to do with him (lol). But kidding aside, I have lost all my desires about everything Twilight after realizing that the story sucks. (That's why I'm selling my books, anyone interested, please contact me.) Okay, okay. I'm here to tell you that LoveFilm is having a contest which can give you a chance to win a luscious, melt-in-your-mouth, fattening chocolate molded into Robert Pattinson's bust. All you have to do is watch this video and answer "How heavy is Robert Pattinson's chocolate head?". Watch the video here. Sorry, I haven't joined the contest so I couldn't tell you what's the score. Just watching the chocolate shaped by those hands make me sick.And after the tedious chocolate shaping, it became this hideous (oh, they rhymed!) Edward Cullen bust:

Edward Cullen, I never knew you were this sullen! 

This is not Edward! The chocolate bust looks like somebody else but I just can't point out who. Crazy enough to deserve a post---


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