Kush And Orange Juice Tracklist - Wiz Kalifa

At long last, Wiz Kalifa's Kush & Orange Juice album will be released today. See the Tracks included to the list below.

Kush & Orange Juice Tracklist:
  1. Waken Baken
  2. Mezmorized
  3. We're Done
  4. Skit 1
  5. The Statement
  6. Spotlight Ft. Killa Kyleon
  7. Skit 2
  8. The Kid Frankie
  9. Up
  10. Never Been
  11. In Tha Cut
  12. Visions
  13. Still Blazin'
  14. Slim Skit
  15. Petal to the Metal FT. Johnny Juliano
  16. Good Dank
  17. Skit 3
  18. Glass House Ft. Curren$y and Big Krit
  19. Outro
  20. Supply Ft. Nesby Phips

Wiz Khalifa a.k.a. Cameron Jibril Thomaz is an American rapper. Wiz Khalifa has 2 albums and 10 mixtapes including this recently-released Kush &Orange Juice and two other to-be-released this year. Check out the tracklist of Kush & Orange Juice above. This album was just released and I'm not sure if it will be soon available for download.


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