Kris Aquino's Official Website Now On!

UPDATE: ALLTHINGSKRIS.COM is not active anymore.

There are lots of websites and blogs about Kris Aquino. But just yesterday, Kris Aquino's OFFICIAL website was launched. It is called All Things Kris. The website, colored mainly in pinks and reds, showcases the life of Kris through photos (K-Life), her projects and endorsements (Kris Today), and more! The website even has a "Kris and Tell", which is currently under construction. There is a channel about the 2010 elections called Kris For Noy, where we can take a glimpse on what's happening as Kris fights by Noy's side for the 2010 Presidential Election.

You can visit Kris Aquino's Official Website All Things Kris at



  1. kris gusto namin makita c james kasama nyo sa mga pictures...kkilig na kilig kami sa sa inyong dalawa sana love love love parin kayo

  2. hi Ms. Kris, we, the indigent youth of Montalban Rizal, particularly the montalban artist guild, inc. SIPA would like to ask for a big favor from you...we know you have a good & big heart, that is why we opted to seek assistance from short cut the story..we would like to ask if you could help us in putting up a center for culture and the arts here in our municipality catering to the poor . programs such as this for the poor is workable as we were one of them. In the past admin (mayor Cuerpo)we were gathered together through the tourism office in aug.21,2004 and was called the montalban artist guild, inc.through the years a lot has changed in our lives...we have developed into artists that we never imagined we could be due to lack of finances,butu because of a proj. such as this we are now able tocontinue oour studies ion college and help our parents in our small way..unfortunately though these past # years hasn't been good for us since we were sucked into these political chaos bet. our governor and ,ayor that when they suspended our mayor we were also evicted from the Municipal building which is where we hold our trainings and rehearsals that is why we are so displaced right now....our teacher tho not being compensated for this has never left us and we still have classes in different venues even the streets infront of a house of a member...we however thought of making a proposal to put up a center for culture and the arts, although yes it should be accredited by the LGU but we would rather have our own so that we don't get affected by anything political...hehehe...anyhow ms.Kris, since we are still going on without a proper venue we really don't mind actually butu we can only accomodate a few chidren this time due to the lack of space,we thought why not have a center for culture and arts soi we can help more children by getting them into the arts instead of gangs or fraternities?so there thanks to teacher mari she made a proposal but we really don't know where to go to forn help in funding this,,,this is our dream Ms. Kris.."panagarap po namen kabataan ng Montalban" to have a place for us to express ourselves...sorry if this is long and not too comprehensible, if you have questions you can visit our page in Facebook view our info and pictures..salamat din ponkay teacher mari talaga at trinanslate niya po etong sulat ko sa english...nahihiya po ako senyo Ms.Kris.
    sana po matulungan niyo po kami dito Ms. Kris....m,uli po maraming salamat, more power and God Bless!

    marvic nuval
    15 years old
    montalban artist guild, inc.SIPA

  3. This is Cherrilyn.. My anunt named Herdiolyn Bocalbos is diagnosed with breast cancer, stage 3. I am thinking of ways how to help her until i saw the news about the nurse raped victim you are helping. I wish you can help us.She has undergone two sessions of chemotheraphy. She was about to do her third session but her WBC is low so she needs to inject some stuffs to higher her WBC. She is confined right now at Makati Medical Center due to some kidney malfunctions but after having gone some tests and dialysis, her doctor said that her condition gone better.But just yesterday her whole body frozen for the reason I dont know. And the doctors said that they had just seen some irregularities with her liver. We are all praying for her recovery so that she can continue her chemotheraphy and eventually be operated, but we are having problems financially, we cannot afford to pay for her hospitalization. When I saw you on television the first thing that popped in my mind is that maybe you can help us too. I know you have a kind heart.. Im really hoping you can help us.. Thank you..

  4. Mam Kris,
    Im Ervin Nixon g. Cruz from Pangasinan.I am accountancy student and as of now a 2nd yr student of university of luzon.Mam yesteday po ay tumawag po ang mama ko sakin (isa po syang ofw), at sinabi niya ay uuwi na daw po sya sa pilipinas because may sakit po sya.Naiiyak man po ako ay sinabi ko po, "sige umuwi ka na ma"dahil di ko naman po kayang ipagpalit ang buhay ng aking ina sa pagaaral ko, dahil sya lang po ang kumakayod para pagaralin po ako.Mam nais ko pong ipagpatuloy ang aking pagaaral ngunit sa kasamaang palad po ay wala na po ang magpapaaral sa akin.alam ko pong hindi ninyo ako kilala mahirap pagkatiwalaan ngunit wala man pong mawawala kung susubukan po diba?
    Sana po mam ay matulungan ninyo ako sa financial ko pong pangangailangan, wala po kayong dapat ipagalala dahil masipag naman po akong magaral, katunayan ay minsan narin po akong nasama sa isa sa mga deans lister sa aming paaralan.Kung ako po ay inyong matutulungan at palaring makapagtapos kahit anu pong trabaho ay aking tatanggapin bilang kabayaran sa itutulong ninyo sa akin. Talaga pong disidido akong maipagpatuloy ang aking pagaaral. sana po ay matugunan po ninyo ang aking pagsamo. ang lahat po ng impormasyon na aking isinaad dito sa aking liham ay kaya ko pong panindigan basta bigyan lang po ninyo ako ng pagkakataon. Ito po ang aking number 09302003595 o ang aking email sana po ay magreply po kayo nangangailangan lang po talaga ako ng inyon tulong.Sana po ay wag po ninyo akong biguin.

    Lubos na gumagalang,
    ervin nixon g. cruz

  5. dear ms. kris,
    my name is catherine tomeldan,a public teacher.i'm an avid fan of yours since you become the presidents daughter.i saw you when u stumble in the show of german moreno in gma,and ur shining armor RICHARD GOMEZ rescue you,i followed u till u sign in abs-cbn.i watched all your movies..i wrote you this to please help us built our open was wrecked and blown down since the typhoon GADING,our pupils are suffering from the heat of the sun during our flag ceremony,school programs and any other activities..wev'e been sending request letter to MANAY GINA DE VENECIA and any other officials,but sad to say "lack of budget" is their answer to us..i've been trying to reach president NOYNOY AQUINO,but i cant contact him thru his website..I know this message of mine will reach him because it is in good hand.
    regards to your children joshua and baby james.

  6. Hi Ms Kris,I just want to know if youre not really coming back on the buzz or any other segment in abs cbn that involves showbiz chika.Im living here in japan and Im always youre avid fan.We really loved you here and were hoping that you and boy will soon have show that youll be working on together.You both have the chemistry coz youre the king and queen of all media.And due respect to the new cast of the buzz(KC and the others)in my own opinion I think theyre not fit to host the show.Especially KC(oA).Its really a big lost for the buzz for you not hosting it but since youre brother is already the President I think you have the right to decide what you think whats best for you.Congratulation for youre movie DALAW and hoping to see you on tv again.

  7. Dear Ms. Kris,
    May you always find peace in everyway. I am Juliet, a team leader for a civil society group based in bohol. The organization i am referring to envisioned to attain an improved quality of life of children, family and community in the covered areas. We do have a total of 1,546 member families. We are implementing various projects relating to the improvement of these families of bohol. One of laudable projects that we are implementing is the land and housing project that aims to provide security of land tenure, decent houses and safe and protetive community for our members who are living in danger zones and are threatened for eviction. With this, we are earnestly asking any support from you to make help realize this initiative of building a new community where children are enjoying decent houses and protected.

    Thank you very much!

    May God bless you more graciously!

    To God be the Glory,

    Juliet Quijada
    BCCAP, Inc.
    Tagbilaran City

  8. Ms. Kris, sana masaya ka lagi. Dipa rin kumukupas ang ganda mo. Sana ganyan din ako. Im 45 years old na with three grown up children. Gumagamit ako noon way back 2007 till 2008 ng Olay cream, pero natigil ito nung ako ay nag abroad. Di naman ako naging successful sa abroad kaya umuwi akong walang ipon. Napansin ko na pangit na ang face ko at need to nurture it again pero mahal naman ang olay at cannot afford to buy. Gusto ko ring maibalik ang romansa namin ng asawa ko na parang nanlamig mula nong dumating ako galing abroad. Sana ipa Belo-fied mo ako. Salamat and more power to you.

    Joy to the world

  9. Joy Bonita C. SevillaDecember 5, 2011 at 3:50 AM

    My Dear Kris,

    May i inform you that my mom and i are your die hard fans.We never miss to watch your movies and tv programs since the beginning of your movie career.

    Its is also worthy to mention that all members of our family here in bohol are the ardent political supporters or your only brother PNoy.

    It may be recalled 3 years ago,my mom wrote a letter asking for a Philip Stein wristwatch but unfortunately she never received a reply.Precisely, her letter did not reach you personally.

    Now,she had retired from public service but it is still her wish and fervent prayer to have a Philip Stein from you.She cannot afford to buy the said watch because her GSIS pension is just enough for her food and medications.

    Hence, I am humbly asking your kind heart to extend your generosity to my mom. I know pretty well that she will be happy,thankful and proud if she will receive a gift from you.My mom is 69 years old already.

    Kindly accept my advance Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year to you but keep the most to your two precious jewels,Bimby and Joshua.

    Truly yours,
    Joy Bonita C. Sevilla
    Remolador Extension


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