Online Shopping Fail

Last month, I shopped online for 4 particular things: a perfume, 2 books, and a cellphone. Used my sister's credit card to purchase all of these, since I don't have my own. Here's what happened:

  • Ordered a phone from Globe, settled payment, and received an email the next day that the order was turned from "PAID" to "CALL_OUT" because they don't have the said phone on stock. I even received a call confirming that my my sis' card will not be charged. That's fine with me, I said. 3 weeks later, the bill arrived and reflected the so-called "CALL_OUT" order was charged. Natch. Can't reach Globe customer service until now.
  • Ordered Vera Wang Eau de Parfum from, the package arrived 3 weeks later, and it was a FAKE. Now, I know what happens when you buy discount.
  • Ordered Blue Bloods and Masquerade by Melissa dela Cruz from National Bookstore through Okay, the book arrived. But arrived 19 days after the order was placed! I have a feeling that if not for my call to the customer service, they will never remember to ship the beloved books. My only consolation is that the books were lovely! Very good story!

These experiences didn't stop me from shopping online though, I just purchased some books from a Multiply seller. Better spend that Paypal credits, you know!

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  1. Regarding, were you able to complain or have it credited to Paypal? I just made an order from on the 3rd of September and the package hasn't arrived.


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