Use GCash on Facebook Games

My friends used to bug me for Paypal credits. They said they want something from Farmville that, Cafe World this, Restaurant City this, Barn Buddy that, and they needed a Paypal account to purchase all of these! On March 26, 2010, my friends can buy all the Farmville cash they want, design their Cafe World with that little fountain that can only be bought by Cafe World Cash (not coins!) or top up your Poker chips just by using GCash! GCash is a mobile payment and remittance system from Globe.  GCash is very popular with online sellers, and in less than 2 weeks, GCash will also be very popular with Facebook gamers!

Globe announced earlier that they secured their partnership with Boku, Inc., a global company that specializes in mobile payments, and this partnership will give users the option to pay their Facebook thing-a-ma-jigs. The GCash payment option will support Zynga and Playfish Games. Mafia Wars, Farmville, Roller Coaster Kingdom, FishVille, Poker and Cafe World are some of the popular Zynga games. Restaurant City and Pet Society are under Playfish games.

GCash on Facebook is a great alternative to Paypal and credit card payments.

Stay tuned for updates on GCash on Facebook How-To's, GCash registration and other GCash related topics.


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