Mich Dulce bags Int'l Fashion Award in London

Designer Mich Dulce (yes, the same Mich Dulce of PBB Celebrity Edition) bags the International Young Fashion Entrepreneur Award in London.

Mich Dulce’s winning proposal is set out to connect British designers with Philippine textile manufacturers to develop new materials and hat designs.

“It's amazing to be recognized for what you do and it's even more amazing to be recognized for a concept, project that would help your country,” Dulce said.

Her winning pieces include hats made of material like abaca and sinamay which made her creations stand out, hence she ended up as the winner.

“This award is for us. It's not just for me. When I was chosen for this competition, I knew I wanted to do something that would not just benefit me. I wanted to come up with something that is sustainable and not just help myself but help other people as well, increase their business, to create new things, improve technology,” said Dulce.

Mich receives 5,000 pounds along with the award to develop a collaborative project with the British Council.

Congratulations Mich! You made us very proud!


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