Ayos Ka by Brillante Mendoza (Video)

A short film by Brillante Mendoza titled "Ayos Ka", which is included in ANC's Ambisyon 2010 presentation, was given an X-rating by the MTRCB because the short film was said to be "defamatory to the country". Yesterday, MTRCB lowered Ayos Ka's X-Rating to Restricted or "R". With the R rating, the film still cannot be aired on TV. Brillante Mendoza's Ayos Ka, along with another X-Rated documentary by Jeffrey Jeturian "Ganito Tayo Ngayon, Paano Na Tayo Bukas?" and 18 others, will be shown at the CCP on April 6.

Watch Brillante Mendoza's "Ayos KA" teaser trailer:


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