The Bomb Explodes at Showtime!

Dance group from Orani, Bataan shows people how to win just for having fun

I don't know if I should be proud with this group or what, with them being my kababayan and all. lol. If you are a fan of ABS-CBN's Showtime, you definitely know what I'm talking about. The Bomb is a "dance group" (I placed quotation marks because I'm not quite sure if you call it dancing) from my hometown Orani, Bataan. The Bomb bagged Showtime's weekly champion title last February 26. They have said during interviews that the dance group had rehearsals of 1 to 3 hours only. As a matter of fact, I believe it, for they really dance like they didn't rehearse at all. But still, they're fun to watch. Fun. And funny. Amusing and irritating at the same time and the judges obviously liked what they did. They made it to the weekly finals and have had the opportunity to join the monthly finals! Thank goodness hindi sila ang naging monthly champion. Sobra-sobra na yun! :) Watch Showtime's February 23 episode with The Bomb!

I heard that The Bomb will be guesting on ASAP XV this coming Sunday, March 7. Hmmm, sikat! Watch out for it!


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