What to do with your hay bales on Farmville|Farmville Hay Bale

I guess everybody knows by now what Farmville is. Okay, let's pretend that you do not know. FarmVille is a Facebook application where you play farmer, you plow, plant, harvest, build, etc., etc. You can also give gifts such as chickens, ducks, goat, sheep, fence, hay bale. Yes, hay bale.

example of a FarmVille layout using hay bales

A hay bale is a stack of hay, which is tied in a bale, thus, it is simply a bundle of hay. A hay bale is very popular with FarmVille players. You can use hay bales on Farmville in every way imaginable. You can use hay bales as fences. You can stack hay bales (or make them look stacked, rather) and have a new farm construction.

How can you get a hay bale?
You can purchase a hay bale from FarmVille market OR you can get a hay bale as a gift from your FarmVille neighbor. Most players are just asking their Farmville friends to give them hay bales as a gift.

How can you stack hay bales?
Hay bales cannot be stacked. Though, you can make it look like they're stacked. There are tutorial videos showing how to do such thing.

If you have other questions regarding the very popular (lol) FarmVille hay bales, just drop a question at the chatbox or comment form.



  1. though i have a facebook account, i don't play. so that's what hay bale is, hmmm.. thanks for the info..

  2. My new year's resolution is to never play Facebook games again. Hindi kasi ako makapag-concentrate sa blogging and the games there really are just a waste of time! As of December 31, 2009, NEVER pa ko naglaro ulet! Hurray for me!


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