What is SandBox?

What's this buzz about MySandBox.com all about?
Okay, to tell you honestly, I signed up for a SandBox account months ago because they are giving away free Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glazed Doughnut and coffee. Plain and simple. I signed up, got my voucher and forgot all about SandBox. But when I saw the ad on TV, I thought, "Hey, I have a SandBox account, can it get me anywhere?" For those who know nothing about Sandbox, or like me who signed up without any reason except doughnuts, here are some facts about MySandBox.com:

Sandbox is a portal that brings all content and services you love on the web all in one place.

In Sandbox, you can create your own profile and update your status for your friends to see. You can upload and view photos and videos, write a blog or join a forum discussion. You can also go shopping on line. You can send and receive email and download music, games and various other content.

• An online store that allows you to download music, games and movie-themed content to your mobile phone.
• Tunes, the music store features thousands of music tracks from the latest content - both from International and Local Stars.
• Because it’s delivered to your mobile, content will be charged to either your prepaid load or billed above your postpaid plan. (in Philippine Peso).
• MyGroups simplifies social networking to something visual, fun, intuitive and feature-filled but straightforward.
• Change your status, upload and download photos and videos, post blogs and send private
messages to friends in fewer clicks than it normally takes on other social networks.
• You can even create groups and your own mobile site.
• Forum discussions will keep you informed and hook you up with people interested in the same things.
• Find all these in just one place. No need to hop from site to site to site and suffer multiple sign-ups and logins. Sign up once, login once and enjoy the site.

One thing I really like about SandBox is the Digisoria. You can check out latest bargains and even post your own "for-sale" items. SandBox is only available for those who have Smart mobile numbers, so it is definitely useless for me, because I'm a loyal Globe subscriber! Anyway, thanks for that choco-glazed one! If you're interested, or would like to have a free doughnut from Krispy Kreme, click here.



  1. hello Susi!

    We have linked you.
    Thanks for checking us out and we hope to see you regularly!

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  2. Hello Susi! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    I agree what you said about clay molding. ^_^ It is both romantic and erotic when done with somebody you love.

    Anyway, hope you can drop by again soon. ^_^


  3. Susi just checking you got the meta tag problem sorted out. If not leave your email address and I will post you the code
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