Re-validated my registration or whatever that's called

My sister and I just "re-validated" our voter's registration last Thursday, June 11. We decided to do coverage but we were too shy to bring her Nikon SLR inside our town's COMELEC office so the photos below were taken using my 4-year-old K700i.

Orani Municipal Hall Concierge

Hey, that's my pen filling out the form

Giant Registration forms as guide

the not-so-busy COMELEC office that lucky, lucky Thursday

that's my sister wearing a brown shirt

Re-validation of voter's registration is relatively easy. Just fill out a form, yes, a form, just one form for those "just re-validating". (3 forms for freshies) After you have filled up the form correctly, with the correct mother's maiden name, your weight and height and all that, submit it to that lady (or gentleman) behind the desk. Oh, you are asking which lady (or gentleman)? I'll say you will know. Just go with the flow. Haha. Then another lady (or gentleman) will call you for that biometrics capturing. Hey, our government jumped a few steps of technology huh. Now they are doing some biometrics thing. Amazing. :D

So, after the biometrics capturing, your gorgeous photo will be taken then you will be told to have both your thumbs inked for that old-fashioned fingerprinting.

I guess that's all. Now all we have to do is wait for the damn Voter's ID and wish that we will have an election on 2010.



  1. iboto mo ipatrol dapat lang na maging vigilant na ngayon ang lahat ng botante para mabawasan na ang dayaan sa election.

  2. Yah. Constant vigilance! Hindi tayo nakakasigurado na dahil automated na ang vote-counting e wala ng makakapangdaya. Bantayan natin ang boto natin!


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