Maricar Reyes Stars in May Bukas Pa

I really admire the beauty and grace I saw in Maricar Reyes during I love Betty La Fea days. I liked the way she carried herself. Of course I was a little disappointed about her linking with the Hayden Kho Scandal videos but I really don't mind. So what if did it? From what I've heard, Maricar and Hayden were once an item and I think there's nothing wrong with doing it with your boyfriend. She laid low, yes, because of the scandal, but re-emerged after a couple of months to revive her showbiz career (mind you, she is a doctor, too). Watch out for Maricar Reyes as she plays a homeless, greasy vagrant in May Bukas Pa. She will also star Your Song Presents: Gaano Kita Kamahal which, if I'm not mistaken, will air on July. Maricar Reyes made her first public appearance following the sex video scandal last Sunday, June 21 on ASAP.

Now, I admire Maricar more. She's not only a beauty and grace. She can also stand up after a turmoil that can really break her up, if not for her positive outlook in life.



  1. Yeah I agree... hehhe..

    ahm.. can we exchange links?

    thanks.. i added you in my blogroll..


  2. doctora rin pala si maricar? wow! hehe. i like her.

  3. @kira: added u up!

    @Donald: yah. doctor din pala sya. and thanks for the suggestion...di ko napansin yun..hehe


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