My kid got an Ezy Roller as birthday gift!

Yes, as the title said, my kid celebrated his 8th birthday last week and got an Ezy Roller as a gift! He was really happy with the gifts he received! Actually, the gifts were not surprise at all. He had written a list of gifts that he wanted and the oh so sweet aunts and uncles, friends and grandparents bought them all for him. Aside from that Ezy Roller, he got a basketball, a personalized children's plate, and a new shirt. He also got a Tales of Beedle the Bard book, and a pillow with his favorite cartoon character printed on it. What really surprised us is the toddler backpack that he got from a distant relative. Imagine an 8-year old receiving a toddler backpack as gift? But the kid very understands for his age, he agreed to just give the bag to his little sister. He said that he got what he wanted after all and this was his best birthday in eight years!


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