St. Marcus Day| Marcus of Volturi: New Moon Fever 1

St. Marcus Day is a fictional holiday from the book New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. It was created to emphasize Marcus of the Volturi as a vampire who was thought to be a priest who drove vampires away from Volterra. St. Marcus Day is supposed to be celebrated every March 19th in Volterra, Italy.

St. Marcus of Volterra imageMarcus of the Volturi

Marcus of Volturi has a wife, Didyme, who is Aro's sister. He has the power to sense relationships, and tell how weak or strong that relationship was. In the book, New Moon, he sensed a strong relationship between Bella and Edward, and maybe between Bella and Alice, too.

Canadian actor Christopher Heyerdahl will play Marcus of Volturi in the movie New Moon.


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  1. in this film, I really like sequences volturii,and among all, Marcus is my favorite.


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