Palazzo Dei Priori (The Clock Tower)|Photo: New Moon Fever 2

Palazzo dei Priori or The Clock Tower is very popular with Twilight Saga: New Moon fans. The place is where Edward Cullen planned to expose himself under the sun. Palazzo dei Priori is located in Piazza dei Priori, 20 56048 Volterra (Toscana), Italy. (Actual Address according to Google Maps)

Palazzo dei Priori is a tourist spot in Volterra, Italy, the city where the fictional Volturi Coven resides.

There are two Palazzo dei Priori in Italy, one in Perugia and the other in Volterra.

Look at the photos of the Palazzo dei Priori below:
the clock tower new moon photoPalazzo dei Priori, Volterra, Italy

palazzo dei priori map image Palazzo dei Priori Map by Google Maps


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